Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

Partnership Capricorn and Aquarius

In this partnership two very different characters meet and it is more than questionable whether this can result in a lasting partnership.

The two of them live in constant danger of getting further and further apart and also letting the mutual feelings cool. If there is not a lot of tolerance between the two, there is no good basis for a long-term partnership.

The Capricorn and Aquarius Relationship

Both are quite capable and can discuss things with one another in a reasonable and factual manner. Nevertheless, it can be clearly seen that the two will find it difficult to find a common denominator. What is important to the Capricorn does not interest Aquarius for a second and vice versa.

The Capricorn can, however, be able to help Aquarius to be more down to earth. In return, Aquarius can make it and give Capricorn a greater sense of freedom. The relationship between the two can only go well if they are both very tolerant of each other’s characteristics.

The Capricorn woman in the Capricorn-Aquarius relationship

The Capricorn woman is a very popular object with men precisely because of her reserved nature. But it is not made that easy for them and they are often put to a tough test. Above all, she has to have a feeling of security before she makes a decision. But if the Capricorn woman has decided on a partner, then she will fully support him and always encourage his ambition.

The Capricorn man in the Capricorn-Aquarius relationship

Despite all inner consistency, the Capricorn man has a soft core. A Capricorn man is always a realist and has both feet firmly on the ground. He always strives to give his partner security and stability. In love he is often authoritarian and the warm-hearted side unfortunately often falls by the wayside and goes undiscovered.

The Aquarius woman in the Capricorn-Aquarius relationship

An Aquarius woman has a very modern outlook and shows a lot of unconventional behavior in fashion too. She is usually a very cheerful woman and in most situations she reacts very calmly and calmly. It is important for an Aquarius woman that her partner accepts her circle of friends and also appreciates these friends. It cannot be narrowed down and absolutely needs its space.

The Aquarius man in the Capricorn-Aquarius relationship

The Aquarius man is a sought-after type in the ladies’ world and inspires them with his wit and his light-heartedness .. But the Aquarius man does not get involved in a relationship so quickly, because freedom is sacred to him. But once he has decided on a queen of hearts, everything goes very quickly for him.

Love horoscope Capricorn and Aquarius

When it comes to love, the two actually go well together. Capricorns usually find it very difficult to openly show their feelings and Aquarius is not one who constantly needs pleasure in bed. In this way, both of them find a satisfactory solution and have fun doing it.

Capricorn Aquarius Love Compatibility

The partnership between Capricorn and Aquarius can hardly be called successful, since they differ in many ways. Their elements – earth and air, respectively – are considered unfriendly in astrology, at least they do not exert any positive influence on each other. Capricorn strives for stability, orderliness in everything and a solid financial foundation. He is serious, stable in his manifestations and highly practical. In his actions, he relies on rationality and logic, without attaching importance to feelings and emotions. Aquarius, on the other hand, is often reckless and cannot boast of constancy. Like all representatives of the air element, he is smart, comprehensively developed and possesses creative thinking. Unlike Capricorn, he avoids conservatism and gravitates towards everything new and unknown, listening to his heart.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, Aquarius is a fixed sign. This means that both are very active in their life, they are quite stubborn and self-confident on the way to their goal. The main difficulty in their partnership lies in the fact that the earth sign considers the partner to be too irresponsible and changeable, and the latter may think of Capricorn as a mean, boring and boring person. The difference of natures and characters leads to mutual misunderstanding and claims. If the signs are not interested in their cooperation, then a cloudless future is unlikely to await them – this applies to any sphere.

Compatibility horoscope for Capricorn and Aquarius

The compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius is low, despite the fact that they have a common leader planet – Saturn, who endows their wards with coldness of feelings and increased efficiency. But Aquarius also has a second celestial body that affects him – this is Uranus. It softens the harsh energy of Saturn and gives its sign a creative look and a creative component. Uniting, these representatives of the horoscope form an interesting team based on rigor and unusualness. Capricorn will demonstrate all the charms of discipline: how you can improve your results, thanks to strict self-control. And Aquarius will teach him to dream, relax and enjoy life not only through work.

Thus, the horoscope of compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius does not give an unambiguous prediction about the success of their union. The sign of the earth carefully chooses its surroundings: his loved ones are decent, loyal and worthy people, as a rule, having a high status. Whether a reckless, unpredictable Aquarius can get into this society depends on what mood the stars will have at the time of their meeting. A representative of the air element can also behave in different ways: to become interested in a profitable party in the person of a confident Capricorn, or to escape, recognizing in him an uncompromising controller and a bore.

Capricorn and Aquarius business compatibility

The compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius at work is perhaps the highest of all types of relationships. Here they combine their different qualities perfectly. Aquarius is seething with big ideas and is a persistent, executive employee. Capricorn is decisive, but always thinks first before doing something. The sign of the earth notices even the smallest details that can affect the course of the whole business. He is also an excellent strategist and organizer. Both gain more confidence in this partnership: Capricorn – thanks to the optimism of a colleague, and the sign of air, trusting a balanced and calm comrade.

Capricorn’s compatibility with Aquarius in friendship can also be quite beneficial. Capricorn is not really friends with anyone. All his friends, one way or another, are somehow beneficial to him. And in this case, Aquarius will serve him as an excellent source of inspiration for new ideas that will help Capricorn achieve personal and career growth. The representative of the air will not remain “hungry” either, because such a strong, intelligent and sane partner like Capricorn will teach you a lot and direct you on the right path, suggesting the best solution in a difficult situation.

Capricorn and Aquarius love compatibility

The compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius in love is beneficial, but with a proviso – at the beginning of their relationship. The representative of the earth element behaves so stately, proudly and secretively, which causes a great interest in the partner and the need to solve it. By the way, Aquarius is very fond of learning about the inner world of people and therefore very sociable. He will certainly be enchanted by the strength, generosity and nobility of the chosen one and even fantasizes from above, since he has a wide imagination. Capricorn will also like the kind and cheerful Aquarius: with him the earth sign can feel less tense and serious. They will be pleased with each other and will not notice flaws as long as the spell of love is in effect.

But, as it happens, passions subside, and at the same time the glasses of rose-colored glasses fade. Partners will see the real faces of each other, and many mutual claims will arise between them. Capricorn is jealous and wants complete submission of the beloved, so he will try to control and limit him in too active communication. Aquarius is a freedom-loving, spontaneous and creative nature. For a while, of course, he will sit quietly next to Capricorn, but sooner or later he will kick and defend his right to privacy and space. Such a confrontation will lead to a deterioration in the compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius in a relationship. The first will not be able to forever hold the hand of a restless chosen one, and the second will get tired of listening to eternal notations and criticism.

Capricorn and Aquarius sexual compatibility

Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius in bed will require mutual efforts from them to be comfortable and satisfying for both. Their temperaments are different, which cannot but leave its mark in the intimate sphere. Capricorn is a conservative to the ends of the hair. He is satisfied with the rare sex “the old fashioned way” with the lights off and strictly under the covers. His sensuality is frozen, because intimate life does not play an overvalued role for him and is perceived by him only as a way to get physical pleasure.

Aquarius loves sex and strives for variety in it through experimentation. For him in the intimate sphere there are no conventions, he is ready for much for the sake of vivid emotions and sensations. Unfortunately, Capricorn can perceive his actions as “abnormal” and perversion. To come to a common denominator, lovers need to agree. If their relationship lasts long enough, then the earth sign will be able to unfold and demonstrate their passion. This will happen on condition that the representative of Uranus is madly in love and agrees to wait as long as necessary.

Capricorn and Aquarius family compatibility

If these two decided to register their relationship, then their feelings are really strong and have passed a huge test. And all the same, the compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius in marriage will remain difficult, since no one has yet been able to completely change their nature. They will have to work on themselves for the rest of their life together. The sociability and optimism of Aquarius will greatly help both of them to establish their relationships and make them comfortable.

Despite the obvious differences, it will be interesting for them together, because the signs look at the world from different angles, which means that they have something to share with each other. A Capricorn prone to melancholy and depression will become more open and cheerful around an optimistic spouse. And the reckless Uranian will gain more confidence, solidity and grow from a naughty child into an adult responsible person. Thus, the compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius in family life has every chance of being good, provided that both want it.

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