aquarius zodiac

Aquarius Zodiac

January 21-February 20

  • Sign. Male, aerial, fixed.
  • Governors. Uranus and retrograde Saturn.
  • Exaltation. Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.
  • Axil. The sun.
  • Fall. Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Constitution associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Asthenic. The figure is strong. The face is oblong, oval, with fine features. The forehead is large, often convex. The eyes are blue or dark gray (for southerners – brown). Hair is red or dark blond (for southerners – dark to black). The teeth are often defective.

Temperament associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Sanguine, mobile.

Positive traits of character and disposition associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Progressiveness, humanity, self-confidence, self-esteem, intuition, contact, independence, love of freedom, optimism, loyalty to the idea, originality, extravagance, receptivity, impressionability, originality of thinking, professionalism.

Negative character traits associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Unpredictability, self-will, willfulness, impulsiveness, stubbornness, extremism, radicalism, laziness, inertia, a tendency to go to extremes.

Weak points of the body associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Shin, calves, ankles, toes, periosteum, tendons, cerebellum, nervous system, blood, heart.

Diseases associated with Aquarius Zodiac. The aforementioned organs and parts of the body, colds, allergies, neurasthenia, spasms, arrhythmias, paralysis.

Colour. Green-blue, gray.

Flora associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Pear, plum, aspen, lilac, Indian backgammon, incense, myrrh, alpine rose, marjoram, incense, forget-me-not, mimosa, rosemary, thyme, cocoa, buckwheat, soya, beans, peanuts, pomegranate.

Fauna associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Peacock, water birds, fish.

Number. 2.

Countries and regions associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Arabia, Ethiopia, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Sweden, New Zealand, Chile, Nicaragua.

Cities associated with Aquarius Zodiac. Bremen, Trieste, Hamburg, Salzburg, Brighton, Salisbury, Pisa, Los Angeles, Sydney.

Aquarius Personality

For the most part, Aquarius are idealists, utopians, philosophers, social thinkers, revolutionaries, rebels, rebels, depending on their spiritual level and development. They are guided by lofty ideals.

Aquarians are extremely self-confident, their ideas and plans are carried out in spite of any opposition and with exceptional originality. If the work inspires them, then they are able to put all their potential in it, take it up decisively and work with great perseverance and perseverance, showing truly amazing diligence. If the matter, as they believe, is not worth their attention, or they have lost interest in their next “great idea”, then it is simply difficult to find a more lazy person. They have many excuses, which are primarily for self-justification. But more often than not, Aquarians in such situations simply disappear from the field of vision, in order to appear after a while with a new “stunning idea”. Despite the fact that the entourage more than once had to disentangle what the Aquarius brewed,

Aquarians defend their views and beliefs skillfully, logically, and reasonedly. If you are sure of something, then it is almost impossible to convince them, and if they are burning with any idea, then it is better not to interfere in the polemics, they will still convince you and make you their ally. In this, Aquarius is helped by a strong intuition, a psychological gift, a subtle understanding of people. Despite their amazing sociability, Aquarius is at the same time extremely independent and self-reliant. They love and wish to benefit all of humanity, but they may not notice the need of a particular person. Not because of callousness, just all their thoughts at the moment are busy “solving the world problem.” They are sincerely convinced that if the slogans “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood” are implemented on earth, then everyone at once and specifically everyone will become happy. This is the only thing in which Aquarius has not yet managed to convince humanity. Aquarians are pioneers of ideas. They see perspectives, opportunities well, foresee future events. They grasp ideas on the fly, are able to see new things literally in everything. That is why they are so eager to communicate.

There are no rules for communicating with Aquarius. Aquarians are bright individualists and originals, and are simply incomprehensible to most people. When communicating with them, you should be open, sincere, honest, decent, even in small things. Despite the fact that they themselves do not always fulfill their promises, since they often take on more than they can do, they demand from others that their words do not diverge from their deeds. They can suddenly, unexpectedly even for themselves, change their mind. It should be remembered that Aquarians will always find reasoned excuses for themselves, and yours will be able to devalue them instantly. Do not try to argue with them, they are very willful and stubbornly defend their own. They build their relationship with the world solely on a feeling of sympathy or antipathy, they are mainly guided by an impulse, an impulse. Therefore, if for some reason you need Aquarius, try to please him, and solve any business with him as quickly as possible, without postponing until tomorrow. To the heart of Aquarius, for whom the concepts of friendship are sacred, there is one way – to support his idea, to introduce something unusual, uncommon, but not interfere with being a leader, no matter how he proclaims the ideas of equality and brotherhood. Even if he is inspired by your idea, you will not even notice how it will become his banner. It should not be forgotten that Aquarians are freedom-loving and independent, therefore they cannot be tied to themselves by any conventions and rules. If you want to have an Aquarian friend, then you have to accept him as he is. He can disappear for an indefinite time and just as unexpectedly appear as if nothing had happened with full confidence that you were just waiting for him. Don’t find out where it was worn because more than anything, Aquarians do not like dramas. If you insist, it will disappear again.

By their nature, Aquarians are very calm, soft, efficient, although they do not like to overload themselves with unnecessary worries and deeds. Overvoltage is contraindicated for them. They are creative individuals. They create and work by inspiration, the concept of discipline is practically absent for them.

Many Aquarians have a subtle sense of music, poetry, high art, often they themselves have musical talent. Their sphere of professional application is quite wide. They can be politicians, leaders of all ranks. They use their inventive abilities in the sciences related to space, nuclear and computer technology, and aircraft construction. Their spheres are radio, television, press. Aquarians are excellent mathematicians, physicists, psychologists and educators. And also unsurpassed occultists and astrologers.

In general, Aquarians are difficult to understand. They are like a mixture of other types of air signs: Gemini and Libra. They take much of the external nature of the former and have excellent inductive qualities of the latter. Their inner spiritual nature is amazing, but its opening requires a strong impulse from the outside, which could make this nature act. The impossibility of reconciling the inner state of the soul with the outer reality leads them on the path of spiritual search. Until they feel spiritual strength in themselves, they are very weak, even useless, and only by revealing their spiritual potential they become capable of accomplishing great deeds. If the configurations of the leading planets of the horoscope are favorable, then Aquarians are able to reach a spiritual level, which in occultism is called initiation.

The life of Aquarius is generally unstable. Often their good intentions do not withstand the difficulties of modern life, and they retreat. Often they have to take on the fatal blows of fate, radically change their lives. What saves them is that they never lose hope, faith and find the strength to continue the struggle. Thanks to their willpower, they live more in spirit than in body, more in the future than in the present.

Selfless love brings complete satisfaction to the soul. In love, Aquarians are the same incorrigible idealists and romantics as in life. They can fall in love suddenly and idolize their love object and just as suddenly, without external reasons, cut off the connection. The main thing for them is spiritual closeness with a partner, mutual understanding, similarity of interests. The ideal of love is love-friendship. If you give your Aquarius partner maximum freedom, while remaining a kind of spiritual father for him, then Aquarius will be devoted to you until the end of his life, since in essence he is not inclined to change partners.

The sign of Aquarius portends sudden catastrophes, unexpected misfortunes. Often, the father of Aquarius is threatened with premature violent death, death from illness, accident, or in places of isolation – in a hospital, prison or in exile. Some trips and travels for Aquarius can be fatal. The most dangerous periods are 5 – 7, 21 years of age, as well as about 42, 63, 84 years of age, that is, in the years when the transit Uranus has an unfavorable configuration with its natal position. The second half of the life of Aquarius is happier than the first.

Now let’s consider separately the characteristics of Aquarius men and Aquarius women.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are benevolent, welcoming, kind, sweet, humane and fair. Uranus, who is the ruler of the sign of Aquarius, in collaboration with Venus gives a refined, refined Aquarius, a type of sophisticated and insidious “don Juan” who does not reckon with anything. With Mars, it gives rise to a rebel, a rebel, a fanatic, a fighter for justice, independence and freedom. With the Sun, Uranus provides reformers ready to turn the globe.

Aquarius men are distinguished by the ability to think outside the box, persistent self-affirmation, and original spirituality. People often do not understand them and consider them eccentric. They strive to put their original ideas, plans and intentions into practice with great persistence and perseverance. They are attracted by everything new, untested, unknown. Whatever they are fond of – stylish furniture, abstract painting, scuba diving, hang gliders, discos, young actresses. They are able to change plans and decisions on the fly, without hesitation. Moreover, there is no apparent reason for such a step for an outside observer. For some time in the implementation of the idea, everything goes as well as possible, then, like a bolt from the blue, a turning point comes, and fate makes an unexpected turn, and often with unforeseen consequences.

Most men of this sign are loyal friends and loyal like-minded people. It is vital for Aquarius sometimes to talk from the heart, to express everything that is painful, accumulated in the soul. That is why they are big lovers of moonlit nights, bonfires and fireplaces.

Aquarius men are always on the side of the oppressed and offended. Give them free rein – and today they will demolish all border posts, disband all official institutions and departments. But since most people have not yet reached the realization of the need for such changes, Aquarians still have to stay where they are and do what the majority wants. But their time will come, as the age of Aquarius is coming.

Their passion is known to change everything – houses, apartments, furniture, cars, residence, place of work, job, profession, bosses, subordinates and, of course, countless girlfriends.

Aquarius men fall in love suddenly, completely plunging into the abyss of feelings. His ardent heart beats like an unbroken mustang of the distant prairies of the wild west, caught in the inevitable lasso of a skillful cowboy. But not for long. The Aquarius man looks like a collector of exotic butterflies. He studies the varieties of love and is quite pleased that feminine nature is so diverse. All the women he meets on his way arouse the interest and passion of the hunter. They are looking for more and more new girlfriends, crave new experiences, new adventures and adventures that they need as their daily bread. It’s like a mania for them.

How to get Aquarius men to cross the threshold of the registry office is a mystery even for themselves, so any recommendations are useless here. Often, marriage is concluded as compensation for yet another disappointment in love, in retaliation for “incomprehensibility.” But they quickly switch to a new object of adoration and, with even greater curiosity, pleasure, even self-sacrifice, embark on a new experience. They are wonderful companions and welcome companions in joint trips and travels, but as soon as the woman he loves starts talking about the delights of family life, they quietly disappear at the first opportunity. This is the act of a true Aquarius, who rebelles against existing laws and regulations, against any violence and coercion. But even having formalized a marriage, they will not immediately give up their previous way of life. They will always have a spare girlfriend and, as a rule, it is the predecessor of the last wife. In love, Aquarius men are very peculiar, their passion for experiments is inexhaustible. The partners of Aquarius men have to participate with them in all their projects, innovations, changes, experience with them the joy of victories and discoveries and the bitterness of defeat. With this lifestyle, Aquarius men manage not to grow old and retain their combat appearance for a long time.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are light, cheerful, affable, airy creatures. But for all these qualities, they take life seriously. They are wonderful friends, consoles of souls, selfless, sensitive people who provide help without waiting for them to be asked, and when they see that help is needed.

Aquarius women say only what they think, in one word – what is in the soul, then in the language. They do not tolerate any violence and coercion over themselves, becoming stubborn to obstinacy, although in essence they are sweet, kind and benevolent. They rarely argue, and quarrel only if it comes to their ideas, plans and intentions. Defending their views, they show amazing stamina and patience. They defend their point of view skillfully and reasonably.

Aquarius women are in constant search, everyday life, routine is not for them. Gray, ordinary people do not interest them, give them everything original and extraordinary. They are not cunning, not tricky, not calculating. They help others from a pure soul, often compromising their own interests.

At an early age, Aquarius women are still full of utopian idealism and self-sacrifice, but in the second half of their lives they move away from all utopian ideas, calm down and begin to understand the reality in which they exist. Become more discerning and humane.

Aquarius women are interesting and witty interlocutors. In any activity, they bring their inherent brilliance. They have humor side by side with seriousness and spiritual depth. The features of many women can be found in them at the same time.

In the life of a man, an Aquarius woman most often appears suddenly, like a flash, stunning him with an extraordinary appearance, elegance, extravagance, unusualness. This is love at first sight”. The consequences are unpredictable. It can be a fleeting, casual love adventure on the verge of an adventure, or a passion with far-reaching consequences. Often, long before marriage, you can get everything from these beauties, even a moment of oblivion, but only voluntarily. In love and family life, they do not recognize half-heartedness, only – all or nothing. Representatives of this sign often get married early, but in family life they are rarely happy. This is due to their peculiarity of giving more than receiving.

Her capital is not money, which she most often does not have, not material values ​​that she does not think about, but a fiery heart, a beautiful, kind soul and an eternally young body.

The unpredictability of Aquarius creates problems for them in love and family life. The Aquarius woman has been able to be a faithful and devoted friend for years without striving for an official marriage, and having formalized a marriage with a partner proven for years, she may suddenly lose him. With the first big youthful love, as a rule, fate separates her. Then, often, somewhere in the 30 – 35 years, she can again experience a big heart crisis, which can lead either to marriage or to separation.

Aquarius Decanataes

In addition to the general characteristics for all Aquarius, we will point out some of their specifics.

Aquarians born from January 21 to January 31 are prone to frequent colds. In adolescence and youth, they should be wary of accidents. The job will not meet their expectations, and they may have financial difficulties almost until the end of their lives.

Aquarians, born from January 21 to January 24, are noble, serene, sympathetic, restrained, self-controlled, but very demanding, despotic, not forgiving mistakes, blunders and delusions. Life is planned intelligently and consistently, although nothing human is alien to them. They are respected and respected as professionals.

Aquarians born from January 25 to January 31 are benevolent, affable, passionate, faithful in friendship. Great optimists. They avoid being alone. They are often chaotic at work, although they can be harsh towards subordinates.

Aquarians, born from February 1 to 9, are modest, prudent, affable, benevolent, sociable, drawn to everything beautiful, graceful, sublime. Endowed with a philosophical mind, artistic talent and excellent self-expression. Despite the external fragility, they skillfully resist the vicissitudes of fate. In love, they are passionate, but often change their partners.

Aquarians born from 10 to 19 February are prone to frequent colds, less often infectious. Help of loyal friends, guardians, patrons. Up to 7 – 8 years of age, there may be an accident in the family. Marry early. The second half of life is more favorable than the first. Success in science and technology, applied sciences.

Aquarius Decanates

Interpretation of Aquarius Decanate

1st Aquarius Decanate: 0 ° – 10 °

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

The nature is light, cheerful, cheerful, humane, artistic, free from superstitions and prejudices. Prudence, composure. Many friends. Love for art. Interest in sciences, especially applied ones. An individual can be a member of various sections or circles, groupings or societies, unions and associations, etc. Literary or scientific work brings success. Life is generally calm and regular. A fortune or even wealth (with the favorable influence of Venus) is not excluded. If damaged, the performance will not be as expected. Frequent colds, accidents in adolescence and youth. Almost until the end of his life, financial difficulties.

2nd Aquarius Decanate: 10 ° – 20 °

The rulers are retrograde Mercury and retrograde Proserpine.

A deep mind of a philosophical warehouse, a penchant for science. Great patience, modesty, prudence, friendliness, politeness, benevolence, independence, striving for everything beautiful and sublime. Artistic talent. An inventive spirit, innovation, especially in the field of medicine and hygiene. An authority among professionals. Pioneering ability in astronomy, astrology, occult and applied sciences, and where complex mathematical calculations are required. Love for art. Success comes gradually but surely. On the one hand, the desire for solitude and isolation, especially during a creative upsurge, on the other, for a society of like-minded people. Public recognition.

3rd Aquarius Decanate: 20 ° – 30 °

The rulers are Venus and the retrograde Chiron.

Often attacks of melancholy, a desire for solitude, isolation, nocturnal lifestyle. Strong experiences, unexplained vision, hallucinations. Quirks, hysteria are not excluded. The best cure for this is long journeys with like-minded people. These manifestations are given by a strong but damaged Moon. As a rule, the second half of life is happier than the first.

Five degree range of the sign of Aquarius

0 ° – 5 ° (+)

High growth. Swarthy face. Dark eyes.

Distinctive features: sophistication, courtesy, self-will, willfulness, susceptibility to temptations.

5 ° – 10 ° (-)

Growth is medium or short. The face is dark, small features.

Distinctive features: unreliability, susceptibility to other people’s influence.

10 ° – 15 ° (-)

Height is high. The skin is clean. Thin facial features. Sharp, penetrating gaze.

Distinctive features: activity, prudence, sobriety.

15 ° – 20 ° (+)

Average growth. The face is dark, the forehead is well shaped. Dark eyes.

Distinctive features: liveliness, ingenuity.

20 ° – 25 ° (+)

Average growth. The skin is clean. Nice facial features. The eyes are gray. Hair blonde.

Distinctive features: curiosity, curiosity, volatility, inconstancy.

25 ° – 30 ° (-)

Height is high. Good complexion. Outer beauty.

Distinctive features: variability, inconstancy.

Aquarius Degrees

Interpretation of the degrees of the sign of Aquarius

0 ° – 1 ° (300 ° – 301 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Sensitivity, impressionability, good understanding of both spiritual and material values. This is a brave innovator, inventor, rationalizer, hating conventions, despising the bourgeois way of life, conservatism, violence. A person who knows how to adapt to people, things, circumstances. Love for science and research work, occult and secret sciences.

If damaged. Indecision, lack of confidence in their strengths and capabilities. Uncertainty in everything. Eternal financial problems. Threat of falling or overthrow. Suffering due to weakness, powerlessness. Suicidal tendencies. Mysticism, superstition, melancholy. The possibility of premature death through murder.

1 ° – 2 ° (301 ° – 302 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Deep mind, prudence, seriousness, spiritual independence. Bright individualism. Strong curiosity and curiosity. The spirit of an inventor and rationalizer, psychologist and sociologist. Success in sciences, in applied sciences and technology, in research work.

If damaged. Many worries about their own health. Sudden and unexpected turns and changes in life and destiny. Danger of premature death through murder or suicide.

Conjunction with the star Altair. Courage, courage, endurance, endurance, generosity (Ascendant). Exaltation, glory, honors, titles, awards (Meridian). Self-affirmation (Mercury or Moon). A person purposefully moves towards the realization of his goal in any way. Favors astrologers, writers, public figures, lawyers, lawyers and the military.

2 ° – 3 ° (302 ° – 303 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Mental and physical activity. Ability to paint. A person knows his own worth, his life goal is clearly defined, he strives for it persistently and patiently. Great love for art, science and research, applied art and applied sciences. Success is expected when working in a closed type of institutions, departments, in secret work related to people and their destinies (psychology, sociology).

If damaged. The goal is justified by any means — cunning, cunning, flattery, deceit.

3 ° – 4 ° (303 ° – 304 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Talented nature, an innate gift of penetration into the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe, into the human psyche. Clear and discerning mind, authority among professionals (Mercury). The growth of material and spiritual values, happiness (Sun). Success in the world of science and in scientific research, psychology, sociology, jurisprudence, political activity.

If damaged. Periodic fear of losing what has already been acquired, be it material or spiritual values. Many secret patrons and secret enemies, forced trips and travels. Premature death by murder is possible.

4 ° – 5 ° (304 ° – 305 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

The spirit is creative, constructive. Cunning, cunning, duality, diplomacy. The gift of suggestion. Strong will and a lot of energy. Good organizational skills. Striving for autocracy. The greatest success is achieved in collaboration, but playing the role of the first violin.

If damaged. Painful selfishness. Excessive courage, craving for risky and dangerous enterprises. Increased sexual potential. Fall or overthrow. The pursuit. Premature violent death or suicide is possible.

5 ° – 6 ° (305 ° – 306 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Strong self-esteem. Nobility, generosity, modesty, benevolence, wit, resourcefulness, dexterity, agility, charm, attractiveness. The gift of eloquence, possession of a poetic style, musical and artistic abilities. Love for fairy tales, mythology, satire. Interest in secret connections and secret activities. Phenomenal abilities are manifested quite early: heightened sensibility, mediumship, the gift of prophecy.

If damaged. Excessive sensuality, unbridled passions, emotional outbursts. Frictions, conflicts, a lot of fuss, useless negotiations. Unrealistic goals, empty dreams, castles in the air. An often unsuccessful marriage. Often eye diseases. Danger of premature death through murder or suicide.

6 ° – 7 ° (306 ° – 307 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Ease of perception, impressionability, spiritual activity. Self-affirmation. Ability to achieve a goal.

If damaged. Selfishness, cynicism, self-will, willfulness, stubbornness, obstinacy. Serious problems through women. Possibility of wounding with melee weapons. The threat of premature death, including during hostilities.

7 ° – 8 ° (307 ° – 308 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

The nature is original, strong, kind, independent, fair. Courage, courage, domineering, aggressiveness. Love of risk and adventure, but good self-control and self-control. A strong sense of friendship.

If damaged. Danger of loss of personal freedom and independence, expulsion or emigration. Dangerous hobbies. Diseases of the blood and hearing organs. Possibility of premature death.

8 ° – 9 ° (308 ° – 309 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

The critical degree is 8 ° 24’28 ” – 8 ° 35’44 ”.

Great physical strength, strong will, a lot of energy. The talent of an inventor and innovator. Successful activity thanks to friendship and cooperation. Helping the sick, the weak, the infirm, the offended. Often a very original lifestyle.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness. Stupid enterprise. Various complications with friends, relatives, people of the opposite sex. Long journeys and long journeys bring big changes, both good and bad. Often addiction to alcohol, drugs, immoral lifestyle.

9 ° – 10 ° (309 ° – 310 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Strong personality. Good reformer and organizer. Creative burning and vivid self-expression. Self-affirmation through your own work. Great successes in art – in literature and music.

If damaged. Danger from large four-legged animals. The threat of injury during a collapse or crash, the danger of freezing. Injury or chronic, incurable disease. Premature death is possible.

10 ° – 11 ° (310 ° – 311 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

The nature is energetic and active, but devoid of caution, foresight, vigilance. Great creativity, strong, vibrant self-expression, confident self-affirmation. Often – power over others. The greatest success in the art world, in science and research work, in applied sciences.

If damaged. Recklessness. Passions rule over reason. A dangerous and life-threatening profession. Quite often isolation or voluntary seclusion.

11 ° – 12 ° (311 ° – 312 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Cunning, guile, flattery, ambivalence, diplomatic ability. Strong ambition, the ability to defend their views and interests. Brilliant career. Striving for the accumulation of material and spiritual values. Loyal friends and loyal associates. Often help is through guardians, sponsors, patrons, especially of the opposite sex.

If damaged. Obstacles, hindrances, restrictions. Self-deception, delusion, the danger of going astray. The polarization of the spiritual and the material, only one of them is recognized. Fall or overthrow. Expulsion or emigration. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Revolt against the elite elite. Fight against false authorities and impostors. Violence and destruction. In conjunction with a malevolent or damaged Mars, murder is possible.

12 ° – 13 ° (312 ° – 313 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Self-esteem. Self-affirmation. Honesty, decency. Sobriety of mind. Ability to defend their own views and interests. Fruitful work until the end of life. Rebirth of the soul. Lyrical talent. Loyalty to friends. Success in science and research work, in applied sciences, as well as where you have to deal with metals and minerals. Military professions, astronautics, celestial mechanics are not excluded.

If damaged. Danger from poisonous animal bites. Dangers lie in wait in a foreign land. Articular rheumatism is possible. It is necessary to be treated immediately, without waiting for its chronic form.

13 ° – 14 ° (313 ° – 314 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Great inner strength, hard work, efficiency. Service. Propensity for spiritual and material values. Craving for mysticism and unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Literary ability. Success in science, research work and applied sciences.

If damaged. Indecision, dependence on others. Dangerous enterprises. Accidents, disasters. Loss of personal freedom and independence, exile or emigration are possible. Irreversible changes and changes.

14 ° – 15 ° (314 ° – 315 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Astrologers degree. Great inner strength, phenomenal abilities, the power of suggestion, hypnotism, the gift of healing. An artistic gift. Loyalty to your ideals. The creative spirit seeks completion in real deeds. Help from friends, sponsors, patrons. Communication, protection. Love for science and research, for applied sciences, the world of art, especially for music, poetry, cinema, theatrical art. Interest in mysticism and unknown secrets of nature and the Universe. Travel, travel. Often secret activities. The happiest periods are the beginning and end of life.

If damaged. Self-will, willfulness, stubbornness to the point of obstinacy. Talkativeness that brings many problems. Accidents, disasters. Loss of personal freedom and independence, exile or emigration. Irreversible changes and changes.

15 ° – 16 ° (315 ° – 316 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

High intelligence, strong ambition, hard work, efficiency, self-confidence, determination, organizational talent. Ability to hold a leadership position. Success in the civil service and the political arena, in the military field, in technical sciences, in public affairs. Strong inspiration, inspiration, suggestion abilities, hypnosis.

If damaged. Dangerous passions, as well as situations that are dangerous to health and life. Excessive sensitivity, fruitless fantasy, illusion, self-deception, delusion.

16 ° – 17 ° (316 ° – 317 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

The nature is strong, energetic, firm and collected. Purposefulness, purposefulness. Lofty goals, big plans. Often inheritance. The greatest success in medicine, surgery, herbal medicine.

If damaged. Often a physical disability or a dangerous, incurable disease. Immoral lifestyle.

17 ° – 18 ° (317 ° – 318 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Great sensitivity, receptivity, impressionability, emotionality. Great attractive force. Harmony of internal and external. Love for art, especially music, poetry, theater stage, ballet. Medicine brings success. Love for nature and animals. Pantheism.

If damaged. Spiritual weightlessness. Dependence on the power of other people. Celibacy, free love. Often silence, lack of communication, isolation, bouts of pessimism and melancholy, a desire for solitude.

18 ° – 19 ° (318 ° – 319 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Great vitality and endurance. A well-rounded mind. High intelligence. Strong intuition. Reaching a high social level. The greatest successes in science and research work, in applied sciences, in the world of art.

If damaged. Fall, overthrow, accident or disaster. Spine diseases, scoliosis. Danger to life.

19 ° – 20 ° (319 ° – 320 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Cunning, cunning, flattery, the ability to adapt to anyone. Artistic talent. Support from high-ranking and influential officials. Strong craving for risky, dangerous businesses. A full and rewarding life. Own labor brings fame, honor, titles, awards, popularity, fame. Love for science and research work, applied sciences. Interest in occult and secret sciences, mysticism.

If damaged. Diseases of the back, spine. Premature death is possible.

20 ° – 21 ° (320 ° – 321 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Degree of honesty and decency. A sober, analytical mind. Rise above the environment. Love for science and research work, applied sciences. And also to art, to everything beautiful and graceful. Many connections, friends, acquaintances.

If damaged. Empty fantasy, self-deception, frequent bouts of laziness. Intrigues, squabbles, scandals. Frequent encounters with evil. Fatal love. Unstable marriage. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Danger from animals. Soreness. A secret and strange death is possible.

21 ° – 22 ° (321 ° – 322 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

The critical degree is 21 ° 25’44 ” – 21 ° 26’48 ”.

Diligence, efficiency, perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, patience. Cunning, slyness, flattery, ambivalence, diplomacy. Self-confidence, self-awareness. Ability to live and adapt to anyone and anything. Help from friends, sponsors, patrons. The greatest success in science and research work, applied sciences, in the occult and secret sciences, in astrology, psychology, as well as in the art world, especially in literature.

If damaged. The use of hypnotic abilities for selfish purposes or the danger of falling under hypnotic suggestion and submitting to someone else’s will. Danger from animals. Wound. Bankruptcy. Appendicitis.

22 ° – 23 ° (322 ° – 323 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Great optimism, altruism. Loyalty and devotion in friendship and love. High inner culture, spirituality. Diligence, efficiency. Caution, prudence, vigilance. Artistic talent. Success in the world of cinema, on the stage. Political careers, science and research work, applied science, applied arts, craft, astrology, psychology, philosophy, pedagogy are not excluded. Interest in religion.

If damaged. Utopian anarchism. Serious illnesses. Rheumatism (Saturn). Gout, metabolic disorders, surgery. Danger of premature death.

Conjunction with the star Deneb Algedi. Glory, honors, titles, awards, wealth, popularity, fame (the Sun in conjunction with the Ascendant, Meridian, Uranus or Mercury). In case of damage: instability of the emotional state. Either periods of happiness and recovery, or melancholy that can lead to suicide.

23 ° – 24 ° (323 ° – 324 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Pluto and Mars retrograde.

Deep feelings. Benevolence, charity. Inspiration. Inspiration. Great inner strength. Success in scientific activity, in the world of art: in the cinema, on the theater stage, stage. A political or military career.

If damaged. Ruthlessness, unscrupulousness. Threat of accident, disaster or premature death.

24 ° – 25 ° (324 ° – 325 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Sun.

Talented nature. Intuition. Strong self-esteem. Power over the environment. Good connections and contacts. Patronage from influential officials. Authority, respect and popularity among professionals. Often wealth. Interest in the unknown secrets of nature and the Universe, the problems of life and death, the “afterlife”. Success comes from one’s own work, especially in applied science or in the political arena.

If damaged. Frivolity, frivolity, carelessness, imprudence. Immorality, immoral lifestyle, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution (Venus). Suicidal tendencies. Premature death is possible.

25 ° – 26 ° (325 ° – 326 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Venus and Chiron.

Deep feelings, analytical thinking. Self-control, self-control, prudence, kindness, conscientiousness, benevolence. Spiritual rebirth. A musical gift. Great attractive power and power of suggestion. Superiority over others. Cravings for the opposite sex. Ease of making connections and making contact. Choosing friends at your own discretion.

If damaged. Using phenomenal abilities for personal gain. Often, spiritual power over others or, conversely, dependence on the will of another person. Fall or overthrow. Neurasthenia. Threat of injury or serious illness.

26 ° – 27 ° (326 ° – 327 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Mercury and Proserpine.

Good memory. High intelligence. Research spirit. Strong instincts. Solid income and solid financial position. Search for the meaning of life. Love for science and research work, applied sciences. Success in cinema, on theatrical stage, stage. Abilities for medicine, astrology. Inclination to a rural way of life, gardening, horticulture.

If damaged. Incurable disease. Goiter, swelling. Suicide or early violent death is possible.

27 ° – 28 ° (327 ° – 328 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Ruler Moon.

Originality. Ease of perception, deep impressionability, strong intuition. Caution, prudence, vigilance. Success in scientific activity, research work, applied science. Often a political career.

If damaged. Deprivation. Increased passion for pleasure. Immoral lifestyle – alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution. The danger of robbery, loss of personal freedom and independence. The threat of premature death.

28 ° – 29 ° (328 ° – 329 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

Rulers Uranus and retrograde Saturn.

Courage, courage, purposefulness, purposefulness. Strong self-esteem. Elevation. Introduction to revolutionary and progressive ideas. Love for the art world, especially for music and literature. Success in scientific activity and research work, applied sciences, in military affairs, commerce, mining, in agriculture. Passion for travel and travel.

If damaged. The threat of premature death: drowning, murder. Neuritis (Uranus, Mars, Mercury).

29 ° – 30 ° (329 ° – 330 °) Degree Aquarius Zodiac

The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter retrograde.

Royal degree.

Potential will, energy. Overconfidence. Strong intuition. Chastity. Diligence, diligence. Warmth, kindness, great sympathy, compassion, mercy. Strong self-esteem. Great authority among professionals, respect of others, good reputation in society. Unusual psychological organization, originality. Help from friends, like-minded people, sponsors, patrons. Luck is often in adventurous ventures. The greatest success is foreshadowed by administrative work, political activity, science, research activities, applied sciences, and the art world.

If damaged. The pursuit. The threat of loss of personal freedom and independence. Expulsion or emigration.

Aquarius Stars

Influence of fixed stars – Aquarius Zodiac

The star Altair has the properties of Mars combined with the influence of Mercury and Jupiter. Favors lawyers, attorneys and the military.

  • Conjunction with the Ascendant or Meridian and favorable planets – courage, bravery, endurance, patience, generosity, nobility.
  • Conjunction with Mercury or the Moon – self-affirmation, achieving goals at any cost.
  • Conjunction with Meridian and in good configuration with planets – elevation, glory, honors, titles, awards. Having sincere convictions in his soul, a person confidently, purposefully and purposefully moves towards the realization of his life goal and, in order to achieve it, will not compromise on anything.

Altair in conjunction with the Moon – by Arthur Conan-Doyle; with Meridian – at the captain Count Lukner.

The star Altair in 1950 was at 1 ° 04 ‘, in 1970 – at 1 ° 21’, and in 1990 – at 1 ° 38 ‘of the sign of Aquarius.

The star Deneb Algedi has the properties of Saturn and Jupiter. Brings change and change. This is the star of advisors and confidants. Calls for honesty, justice, conscientiousness, benevolence. Gives a good understanding of human nature.

Deneb Algedi in conjunction with the Sun – by Bertold Brecht and the Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg; with Meridian – by Werner von Braun; with Uranus – from Heinz Hartmann, designer of rocket systems; with the Sun – from the famous physicist Burkhard Heim; with Uranus in Goethe and Gunther von Hase, speaker in the West German government; with Mercury – from Edison; with Venus – from Sergei Vronsky.

The star Deneb Algedi in 1950 was at 22 ° 43 ‘, in 1970 – at 23 ° 07’, and in 1990 – at 23 ° 24 ‘of the sign of Aquarius.

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