April 21 Horoscope

The mysterious Taurus, celebrating their birthday today, is a secret not only for those around them, but also for themselves. However, a sharp mind and friendliness endows you with amazing communication skills. Your strength lies in the ability to highlight the essence of a plan or idea, and then explain them to others. Such eloquence is reinforced by the ability to describe living images in words, so that you can directly share personal experiences. However, if you allow yourself to be carried away by rumors and gossip, your fluency in the language can turn this strength into weakness.

Those born on April 21 can acquire a whole bunch of diseases – usually chronic ones. Caring for themselves, they risk becoming hypochondriacs. Since those born on this day belong to the category of sensual natures, they are highly susceptible to massage and oil baths, chiropractic and manual therapy. You should beware of diseases associated with the condition of the neck and throat, from sore throat to problems with the Eustachian tubes, glands and even the thyroid gland. Regular exercise is indicated, since those born on this day value peace and comfort too much and, accordingly, are prone to inertia. Both men and women born on April 21 are excellent cooks and love to eat. And this, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, can exacerbate the problem of weight. Gardening is ideal for spring and summer.

Those born on April 21 appreciate nothing more than professionalism and integrity of nature. The word for them is the law. Often it is they who act as trendsetters in society, defining trends in behavior, and in general are considered progressive personalities. Their private life can be very turbulent – as a rule, it is not limited to one marriage. Those born on April 21 – extremely sensual natures, they are attracted by sex, food, sleep and all other pleasures of life. Their personal values ​​are in tune with beauty and harmony, they love everything beautiful – created by both nature and man. Women born on this day usually start their business careers late – at the age of about forty, and before that time they are either too absorbed in family concerns, or simply cannot assess their potential. However, having set foot on the path of business activity, they never leave her. April 21 is a day imbued with strong feminine energy.

Zodiac sign April 21 – Taurus

Sign Earth. Your zodiac sign belongs to the signs of the elements of the Earth, which are distinguished by softness, emotionality, realism, and patience.

Planet Ruler: Venus. Gives Taurus the ability to cook as well as comfort. The Venusian influence is ideal for bohemians, painters and those who work with cash. Planet in exile – Pluto. Responsible for not being able to think strategically and be generous.

On this day, very eloquent and friendly Taurus are born, endowed with a wonderful gift to explain. They are great at sharing their own experiences or transmitting their knowledge, as if born orators. However, the gossips of these people also turn out to be notable, for which, however, they can no longer be praised.

The need for those born on April 21 to love and be loved (the first, as a rule, prevails over the second) is extremely great, and this is one of the reasons that their private life can be stormy if desires remain unsatisfied. Women born on this day are patient and easily forgive, but as soon as they feel their power over the stronger sex and persistently declare what they want, conflicts inevitably arise. Men born on this day, on the contrary, overestimate their self-sufficiency, and therefore they should learn to accept help from others.

Those born on April 21 have an intuitive understanding of the meaning of power and know how to manage it so that it does not dominate them. This is why they feel so comfortable in the role of the “cream of the society”. Money means nothing to them compared to a good name. The source of special vulnerability of those born on April 21 lies in the sphere of their professional interests. If they are faced with accusations of dishonest performance of their official duties, if they are unclaimed or rejected by society, difficult times come for them, which can end tragically. Fortunately, by nature, they are extremely hardy, and the instinct for self-survival is well developed in them. In relations with loved ones, they are usually generous and magnanimous. On the other hand, the manifestation of excessive demands on family members, children is a very typical property of their character.

Those born on this day should remember that others should be given a chance to realize themselves, otherwise it is possible to suppress the sprouts of independence in those whom they take care of, especially in children. Those born on April 21 have an inexhaustible supply of energy, they are successful in financial enterprises, although they incredibly value peace and comfort. They use their free time to accumulate strength, creatively reflect on their plans, which is why they should not be disturbed during sleep, rest, vacation. They are not overly eager to work; one might even say their style is to procrastinate. But no matter how they delay the deadlines for the implementation of a project, there is no doubt that the work will be done.

Taurus male – born on April 21

Men born on April 21 are distinguished by the following properties: musicality, tenderness, poise. The Taurus man does not have powerful energy, he does not gush with ideas, is somewhat lazy and passive, but he is able to provide material comfort, take on all the worries about the family and the woman he loves, and become a reliable rear and partner.

Taurus woman – born on April 21

Women celebrating their birthday on April 21 are distinguished by special differences of nature: loyalty, reliability, and realism. Taurus is one of the most beautiful women in the zodiacal constellation, characterized by powerful sexual energy and a desire to be the center of attention. Often, they become the soul of the company, while not claiming to be unconditional leadership.

Birthday April 21 Horoscope

On April 21, masters of their word are born. They always deliver what they promised. In people, Taurus, born on this day, value professionalism. Integrity of nature is no less important for them. These are rather progressive personalities. Among them are trendsetters. They are often a role model in society. Everyone who was born on April 21st Taurus zodiac sign is very ambitious. Make high demands on themselves and others. Fate endowed them with great vitality. Decisions are made independently, without anyone’s help. They confidently go towards achieving their goal. To realize all their plans, they will do everything that depends on them.

Those born on April 21, the zodiac sign Taurus, will have a rich personal life. One marriage is not enough for them, in most cases they go down the aisle several times. They are attracted by a bright and stormy sex life. Those born on April 21st of the zodiac sign Taurus are sensual natures. They are not alien to human weaknesses and pleasures – delicious food, entertainment, good sleep and rest. They cannot deny themselves something tasty, they like to sleep well. They are great connoisseurs of beauty. They are attracted by picturesque landscapes, beautiful clothes and jewelry, works of art. Beauty in everything follows them in life.

Representatives of the weak half of humanity, who were born on this day, start building a business career late. They are exemplary housewives. They plunge headlong into family life or underestimate themselves. But starting to move up the career ladder, they do not stop on their way, they quickly make up for lost time. People born on April 21st Taurus zodiac sign cannot live without love. Because of the great need to love, they will have a stormy sex life. If they are not satisfied, they will look for multiple sexual partners.

The Taurus zodiac sign born on April 21 is very vulnerable. This is especially true for professional activities. If they are accused of being dishonest about their work, it could end in tragedy. They feel very bad if they become unclaimed. But nature has made them hardy, they go through trouble with their heads held high. People born on April 21 zodiac sign Taurus are generous and generous to the people they love. The family does not strive to become leaders, they are kind and patient. But they are too demanding of their family members. This is especially true for children. Their Taurus is very protective. Excessive overprotection will prevent them from developing and making decisions on their own.

Those who celebrate their birthday on April 21st Taurus zodiac sign are very energetic. Financially, they are lucky. But peace is very important for these active people. Comfortable conditions play a significant role for them. To realize their creative plans, they need a good rest. They must relax in order to resume their duties with renewed vigor. They don’t need to be disturbed. Taurus, who were born on April 21, the Taurus zodiac sign, are often annoying, like to interfere in other people’s affairs.

Love and Compatibility Horoscope

A sensual, sexy, and romantic partner, you strive for the love and security of your home. However, the opportunity to pursue your own projects and interests is as important to you as a stable family life. Therefore, Taurus approach the choice of a suitable pair with all their inherent responsibility.

The best alliances for Taurus are formed with other representatives of the Earth element – Virgo and Capricorn. All three are stable, serious, not looking for casual relationships, loving sensual pleasures and comfort. At the same time, relations with the representatives of the sign of Air – Libra and Gemini, as a rule, do not add up. A more brutal and strong Taurus is irritated by the superficiality and refinement of the partner.

Taurus may well find their happiness in the arms of the water signs of the zodiac: Cancer or Pisces. However, you should be prepared for frequent mood swings and some partner’s aloofness. A controversial but passionate union is possible with Scorpio. Aquarians bring intelligence into the life of a practical Taurus, but frivolity and inconstancy can destroy harmony.

After 30, Taurus change their priorities and philosophical views, and therefore options for their rapprochement with the fire signs – Aries and Leo – are possible. Union with Aries can add powerful life energy to Taurus, but it is mostly based on sex, and not on common interests. An irreconcilable and selfish union awaits Taurus and Leo, but the rarest option is a relationship with Sagittarius.

Work and Career Horoscope

More than anything, those born on April 21 respect the professionals in their field and the integrity, harmony of nature. They themselves, as a rule, are. They are sensitive to beauty, attentive to the latest trends, often fashionistas. They lead an extremely eventful personal life, often cheating on their husbands or wives. This is due to the sensitivity of the natures of these people, they too value the pleasures that comfort, relaxation, expensive food, sex can bring.

They appreciate everything pleasant and beautiful, real hedonistic aesthetes. Women born on April 21 most often start pursuing their careers only at the age of forty. Before that, they are busy with family and understanding themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. But even at forty, when, it would seem, it is too late to think about a career, they very zealously get down to business and work, rolling up their sleeves. Those born on April 21 always feel a hypertrophied craving for love. This is the second reason for their frequent adultery in marriage. It is important for them to constantly feel loved and give their love to someone outside. Girls born on April 21 are real coquettes, playing with masculine feelings, but they are endowed with the gift of forgiving and forgetting other people’s sins. Men born on April 21 usually think too highly of themselves and are extremely reluctant to accept help from other people.

Born on April 21, they value their authority very much, but they do not chase after wealth at all. Power usually does not put pressure on them, so they are extremely comfortable feeling like aristocrats. But these people are very vulnerable at work. If bosses do not celebrate their success, if colleagues do not appreciate their work, these people can become really depressed. Only their remarkable natural health can help here. In private life, they often demand too much from others, but they show generosity and magnanimity.

Health and Disease Horoscope

In terms of health, the two main threats to those born on April 21 are hypochondria if they take too much care of themselves, and laziness, unwillingness to move, which is why people born on this day do very little sports. But thanks to their fine mental organization, they can quite easily relax with the help of baths with oils, massages, manual therapy. The vulnerable place of the body of people born on this day is the throat. They can catch both chronic sore throat and thyroid diseases. In general, these people are generally predisposed to the accumulation of chronic diseases.

Usually those born on April 21 love and know how to cook and have a penchant for a variety of delicious meals. Together with their calf laziness, this state of affairs threatens to be overweight, so regular exercise is of great importance. You can remember the love of Taurus for working with the land and replace sports in spring and autumn with work on the personal plot.

Fate and Luck Horoscope

On this day, ambitious, ambitious natures are born, they are stubborn, energetic, independent, and purposeful. Such people if they have conceived anything, always achieve their goal, firmly following the intended goal. They will have good luck in their careers, they have an inborn gift of leadership. In family life, everything is usually fine with them, they know how to smooth out conflict situations, avoiding critical moments. Such people have many friends, but there are also many enemies.

Tips for Taurus Born April 21

The style of work of these people is peculiar: they often do important things at the last moment, in a swoop. They value rest and peace very much, so it is better for them not to call in the morning on weekends. In general, sleep for them is something sacred. Despite this, they are responsible people and, even after delaying the deadlines, on the last day they will certainly do everything that is required of them and will not let anyone down.

As for the life tasks facing people born on April 21, they need to give their children more independence, take less care of them, allow them to make their mistakes and live as they like.

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