30th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 29 – 30

In a large antechamber, a good-looking young woman with a stately demeanor and wearing a horse riding apparel proudly stares at her image in a full-length mirror ostentatiously holding her riding crop.

Intuitive, conceited, and selfish character. One is driven by an over-developed ego and conceals one’s mediocrity under haughty manners. One never hesitates to plagiarize other people’s work or appropriate it. However, if the natal chart clearly indicates strong moral standards, one has exceptionally sharp intelligence and is dedicated to high ideals and the good of mankind. In both cases, one believes in one’s intellectual superiority and behaves with arrogance and disdain, which alienates relatives and friends. This degree warns that appearances are often misleading.

An overstressed sense of self with all attendant virtues and defects. A pride easily perverted into haughtiness, into encroachment upon the rights of one’s neighbor, but never into mannerism. Great ambitions, strong desires, fiery passions, but a clear conscience; a deep righteousness is the really outstanding feature of the influence.

Will power and courage will shine in adversity and will enable the native to redress the ugliest situations and to get out of the most vicious scrapes. But the native’s overbearingness will be hideous, his mind will be sharp and critical, but not nimble, and will tend toward haggling and quibbling. There is some gift for teaching and a certain freakishness.

Gifted in many ways but lacking in continuity of though. Concentrated effort would enable him to accomplish much that he dreams of.

Walter Henson:
May have the power to turn troubles into triumph; spiritual or mediumistic and intuitive; an especially good degree when there are also planets in Taurus; a fatalistic influence; a dreamer who sometimes brings his visions down to earth and makes them work; clairvoyance; usually strong and unaffected; extreme misfortune; suicide (or one who is around suicide); drowning, perhaps murder; toenails of left foot.

A dreamer who sometimes brings his visions down to earth and makes them work. Usually strong and unaffected. May have the power to turn troubles into triumph. Spiritual or mediumistic and intuitive. An especially good degree where there are also planets in Taurus.

La Volasfera:
Symbol: A straight column with square capital and base.
This Indicates one of considerable personal influence, one in whom egoity is strongly developed and plainly asserted. The mind is elevated, aspiring and precise, the nature plain and unaffected, but strongly didactic and self-assertive. The spirit of rectitude is dominated by the spirit of egotism. The attainments of the mind are marred in their expression by the evident lack of flexibility and deference. Without a high order of intelligence nothing but vanity and self-centered egotism is here discernible. Intelligence will render him dictatorial, but uncouth. At all times rigid and unbending, intelligence will give him mastery, and ignorance will render him a Goth. The character is capable of singular distinction. It is a degree of EGOITY.

Isidore Kozminsky:
Symbol: A man trudging along a rough road, dragging a mass of heavy chains. A strong horse in a cart standing idly near.
Denotes one who undertakes needless labor and who binds himself in chains of his own making. He has peculiar ideas, thoughts, fancies, and eccentricities, and the regulation and control of these and the cultivation of his powers of observation will lead him to the understanding of great things and open a gate which is at the beginning of the perfect way so opposed to the rough road of selfish materialism on which the majority of the world’s people have been content to travel till the closing of their earth lives. It is a symbol of Misconception.

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