27th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 26 – 27

A man knocks at the door of a house in the middle of the night at the very moment when an earthquake shakes the ground and uproots the trees.

In the aftermath of a disaster caused by a twist of fate or by excesses of all kinds, one must rebuild one’s life with courage and learn from past mistakes. Ordeals increase self-confidence and faith in divine providence and turn out to be a powerful spur to accomplish remarkable feats.

Symbol: A naked man passing water.

The positive sides of an influence bearing such an odd symbol are an absolute sincerity, an artlessness unhampered by mock prudishness, a free and easy way with people, which may win sympathy and friendships. But this degree is likelier to bestow the corresponding vices. Instead of that lack of sham prudery, there may be real immodesty, cheekiness and brutal cynicism; instead of that free and easy demonstrativeness, a windy and empty verbosity with random chattering and unrestrained gossiping. In other words, a nature devoid of inhibitions and fond of scandals.

Nor is this enough, as especially weak natures are likely to be haunted by what so-called spiritualists call entities and could better be termed by the Christian word demons, their true name.

Total ruin threatens the substances. The need for prudence never will be overstressed; blind confidence never can be discouraged enough.

Bodily, the subject is exposed to bed-wetting; diabetes is not ruled out. A physical and psychic training is needed that does not overpower the nervous system, as any repression may engender Freudian complexes. Appropriate drugs may give back to the bladder the springiness it lacks, but green light baths are more efficient (sun baths through a colored glass slide, which can be applied directly on the organ to be healed). Time of the application, should increase gradually, beginning with a few minutes on the first day.

Kindly, well-disposed forming friendships readily and responding to the moods of friends rather than leading.

Walter Henson:
Painting; music; suicide; a very industrious person; high minded, religious, philosophical, and profound; a person who makes many friends and may enemies; an occult degree; the lower type may be superficial; affliction may denote obsession; phalanges of right foot.

Symbol: “WRITING”
A very industrious person. High-minded, religious, philosophical and profound. A person who makes many friends and many enemies. An occult degree. The lower types may be superficial, and afflictions may denote obsession.

La Volasfera:
Symbol: An earthquake.
This is a sinister indication at and refers to one who will be overcome by sudden and unexpected calamities, which will undermine his labors and reduce his hopes to ruin. Let him be careful where he builds and test with discernment and understanding the grounds of his faith and hope in others. Let him labor diligently and sow in the broad valleys of the world the seeds of his yet uncertain harvest. For the rest let him trust in Heaven and invoke its aid in all humility. But if he should aspire to build his castles of many stages, or spread his vineyards up the mountain side, then he shall have the greater need of care and stronger faith in God, himself and man. It is a degree REVERSAL.

Isidore Kozminsky:
Symbol: A horse running, with flames issuing from his nostrils.
Denotes one who has special work to do and whose name will be associated with important projects. His nature is passionate, quickly receiving and recording spiritual impressions. The disposition is kindly. He is well disposed, and his sense of justice is strong. It is a symbol of Directing.

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