25th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 24 – 25

A crown at the top of a sword is planted behind a layman who throws stones.

Noble, clear-sighted, and fair character endowed with excellent strategic skills and unwavering morals. Regardless of one’s origins, one is ensured to achieve success in the career chosen, particularly in the military, diplomacy, or a top-level government office. One knows how to triumph over the fiercest enmities using a smart strategy, and one resorts to negotiations or sheer might, depending on the necessities of the situation. In spite of crises, struggles, and dangers, this degree promises victory.

Symbol: David about to sling at giant Goliath the stone destined to kill him.

The native is ready to fight for victory and, in order to reach it, is ready to stand any amount of fighting. High as the reward may be, it is sometimes likely to appear inadequate to the native’s heroic efforts. Driven by noble aspirations, as well as by lust, he will resort to any kind of assault. If attacked himself, he will drive the foe back with casual and playful self-assurance. Ready for the gravest decisions, he will go straight to his aim, even if this implies bloodshed. But he is likely to temper his aggressiveness with his sense of honor and to subordinate his tricks and makeshifts to the seriousness of his mission and to an unshakable faith in victory. A victorious fighter, he is more than likely to see that faith rewarded. Should he prefer a quiet life instead, the concrete result will be the more modest the less pleasant a peaceful life’s task will have been for him.

A nervous restless temperament sensing events from afar yet powerless to avert accidents.

Walter Henson:
Painting, strong sensuous nature, sometimes indolent or submissive, suave and has a nice way of explaining things; ambitious but has many weaknesses, among them drink and deception, anarchism, tyrant (not going along with anything); left capsular joint.

Strong, sensuous nature. Sometimes indolent or submissive. Is suave and has a nice way of explaining things. Ambitious, but has many weaknesses, among them are drink and deception.

La Volasfera:
Symbol: A crown through which is set an upright sword.
It is the index of a mind set upon high resolves and capable of sustaining the assaults of its enemies in such a degree as to achieve its purposes without loss of fortune, prestige or honor. Such an one may prove to be a great warrior, a man of the sword, to whom honors will be given without stint. A king, he will sustain his throne by the use of aggressive measures and by victories gained over all his enemies, while one of lowly birth will gain his crown in the service of his king. His mind will be upright, astute, aspiring and, sustained by an unswerving faith. It is a degree of VICTORY.

Isidore Kozminsky:
Symbol: An unfurled flag on a shaft of forked lightning.
Denotes one of nervous, quick, and restless temperament, impulsive, active, and full of energy and purpose. His nature is brave and defiant, and his life will not be free of adventure of some kind. He will always be beyond want and his position will be secure. Events in his life happen abruptly and are not always expected. It is a symbol of Suddenness.

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