24th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 23 – 24

Under a dark sky enlightened by a moon crescent and a flash of lightning, two men are wrestling.

Assertive, courageous, and discerning character endowed with physical and intellectual strength. One is free to use one’s personal qualities at the service or justice and the collective good, or on the contrary, in the pursuit of reprehensible goals. In both cases, many hurdles and setbacks disrupt one’s happiness and success. However, thanks to one’s fortitude, one can overcome ordeals with flying colors. It is in the dark hours of the night that danger lurks.

Symbol: A man and a woman lying together.

The symbol needs no further comment. It reminds us of Voltaire’s fitting remark: Si on ne mane pas les jeunes filles, elles se marient d’elles memes. (See also 24 degree Aries.)

Philosophic, idealistic and unconventional. Incurring much criticism through his views on sex problems.

Walter Henson:
Not good for domestic matter; inspiration or, if afflicted, deception, magnetic personality with some reform ideas; not always practical, sometimes even deceptive, mixed philosophy, curious, musical, or scientific; affliction denotes deceptions or one who will be deceived, or both; something to cry about; water wet; seeping, flooding, spine, honors, but danger from fire, fever, cuts, and blows, right capsular joint.

Symbol: “DECEPTION” or Inspiration.
Magnetic personality with some reform ideas. Not always practical, sometimes even deceptive. Mixed philosophy, curious, musical or scientific. Afflictions denote deceptions, or one who will be deceived, or both.

La Volasfera:
Symbol: A woman reclining upon a couch, scantily attired.
It is the index of a mind given to the ease and luxury of life, the soft effeminate pleasures of the senses. Such an one will eat the lotus and make chains of flowers more difficult to break than the strongest bonds of steel. Such an one will dream while others work, and drift upon the river of life while others ply their oars and brace themselves to nervous effort. The opiate fails, the soul is sick with its satiety, and the sleeper awakes from nerveless indolence to a life of dull ineptitude, futile regret and self. condemnation it is a degree of SENSUALITY.

Isidore Kozminsky:
Symbol: A giant ape dragging a woman into the forests.
Denotes one who is in danger of becoming a slave to his desires and to sacrifice his higher self to the exhausting excesses which eat into body and soul. There is a wasting of energy and power in the pursuit of so-called pleasure which deprives the native of that perfect idealistic happiness which is gained by sweet restraint and a knowledge of perfect love. It is a symbol of Falling.

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