22nd Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 21 – 22

In a lavishly furnished room, a beautiful and scantily dressed woman bends over a sofa on which a man is lying asleep.

Depraved, sensual, and greedy character. Worldly assets are perishable goods. If one is only pursuing a life of pleasures and insouciance, one ends up finding that physical beauty is ephemeral, and that opulence can melt as fast as ice in the sun. Money and love affairs lead to debauchery and ruin. One must keep base instincts tightly reined in and absolutely avoid getting involved in activities linked to espionage, prostitution or procuring, and illegal drugs trade. This degree is dangerous for males and females alike.

The native will play fast and loose with life, as it were, all his own show, and thus speed his ruin. In a female nativity this degree will promote immodesty if not shamelessness. For the rest, the native may well be harmless if the stars do not reveal other vices, but with concurring aspects he or she is likely to exert a more or less dangerous charm over everyone.

Wedlock obviously will prove a convict’s chain to the native, which as obviously will not be the native’s fault alone. The sector of marriage, its ruler and the Dragon’s Head will have to be consulted.

Strong emotional nature which may lead to music and art or a life of sensuous pleasure. Influenced by associates.

Walter Henson:
Magnetic, generous, sympathetic, and emotional; up-to-date; not afraid of work; usually fortunate; energetic; enteric typhoid fever; Achilles heel of right foot.

Magnetic, generous, sympathetic and emotional. Up-to-date, not afraid of work, usually fortunate.

La Volasfera:
Symbol: A woman of dark countenance standing over a prostrate man.
This is warning of a nature that is disposed to be brought under the malignant influence of womankind, to his hurt and ruin. Or let it be said that a woman’s influence is here predominant for ill, and a sinister fame attaches to all of the female sex who are generated under this degree. It is a man’s undoing through weakness, a woman’s victory through dishonor to either sex it is full of warning and threat. Let such as vitiate under this radius look to their charge and the account, they shall make of it. It is a degree of PROSTRATING.

Isidore Kozminsky:
Symbol: A snake hidden in a bush of wildflowers near a bubbling strewn.
Denotes one of wandering and inconstant nature who has cause to fear the tyranny of his senses. He will in turn be the deceived and the deceiver, and when he attempts to deceive others, he deceives himself most. His nature is of the romantic tinge. He loves music and song, the theatre and the ballet, and appreciates the beautiful. If he dares, he may redeem himself. It is a symbol of Ensnaring.

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