20th Degree Pisces

Degree: Pisces 19 – 20

The moon sheds its glimmering light on lopsided windmills scattered over a hill. Indecisive, fickle, and confused character. One tends to pursue too many goals at the same time, and although not a single target is reached, one keeps on launching new undertakings. It is indispensable to focus on one sole objective and strive to fulfil it without being distracted by new fields of interest. The members of the entourage should be selected among quiet and pragmatic persons. If the natal chart indicates that the nervous system is weak, there may be a dormant mental disorder.

Symbol: Full Moon.

Super-rational logic, or no logic at all. On a highly spiritual plane this influence will resolve itself into a stream of light. A noble soul soaring above the miseries of everyday life can expect many a gift from this degree. It may have to convey a message of love to mankind erring in darkness, and even may have inborn that imaginative consciousness constituting the first step of occult development. Beyond the range of any rational conceptions, the native’s thought and behavior will be restored and prompted by lofty and dazzling imaginations.

On a lower plane this degree will breed public men. The subject then may be an idealist, but his activity, not a purely worldly one, will never stumble on problems of consequence; he will let himself be led by merely political principles and will stick to empirical methods. In the light of such premises, it cannot even be said that the end justifies the means, as the end itself changes according to circumstances. Only that which proves useful for the time being is praiseworthy.

In an unlucky horoscope, castles will be built in the air, and the inability to have one’s dreams come true will lead to changing one’s opinions and to remolding one’s random plans with the same casual unconcern with which one would change his shirt. Should other such features concur, the danger of mental unbalance would set in.

Kindly, hospitable artistic and musical. A wandering minstrel, delighting to do good to others.

Walter Henson:
Skillful; versatile ability; may be a writer or merely one who is very fond of reading; often a heavy eater or one who has digestive ailments; right fibular muscle.

Symbol: “SKILLFUL”
Versatile ability. May be a writer, or merely one who is very fond of reading. Often a heavy eater, or else one who has digestive ailment.

La Volasfera:
Symbol: A helical scroll.
This degree denotes a nature which is undecided, changeful, fickle and of no stability.
Such an one will lose himself in the multitude of his projects and imaginings. His path in life will be circuitous and will lead back to himself. His imagination will run riot with his reason, and his efforts will lack that definition of purpose which makes for success in life. His mind will be tortuous and chaotic, filled with dreams and fancies to the exclusion of useful and practical measures. He may suffer brain disorder, or some continuous affection of the nervous system, which will render even his bodily actions limp and uncertain. To such an one healthful and virile companionship in youth will prove a lasting blessing. It is a degree of WANDERING.

Isidore Kozminsky:
Symbol: An itinerant musician playing the mandolin and singing love-songs to a number of country maidens who are seated on rocks and fallen trees around him.
Denotes one who is musical, artistic, and pleasure loving who is gifted with a wealth of imagination and an engaging manner. He gives pleasure to many, and will meet with much applause. His nature is light and airy and somewhat wanting in stability. He delights to wander about, or his calling may involve much traveling. It is a symbol of Entertaining.

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