Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Aries Taurus Compatibility

If one proceeds purely from the description of the properties of these signs, one can say that this connection does not really fit. The Taurus is more contemplative and likes to enjoy life, while the Aries is a more stormy contemporary. If this relationship is to last and to last happily and for a long time, this is only possible if both sides show a lot of tolerance. If the two learn to accept each other, after a certain time they will also learn to appreciate each other’s qualities.

The Aries and Taurus Relationship

Aries need their freedoms and want to assert themselves. Therefore, a close and steady relationship doesn’t really fit into his outlook. Marital or partnership duties are quickly found annoying by him and become too much for him. Aries feels more comfortable with his friends and places more value on these friendships. However, it has to be said that a relationship that an Aries enters into usually lasts longer than many think possible.

The Taurus, on the other hand, loves and values ​​his home and domesticity are very important to him. He values ​​the tried and tested and is initially closed to new things. In partnership, Taurus seeks security and stability above all and does not want to lose this. That is why a Taurus is also a very jealous partner. Before he enters into a relationship, he takes time and takes things slowly. Taurus is very loving and caring for his partner. A Taurus is a very loyal and very affectionate partner who shows little passion. This has to be awakened in him slowly and step by step.

The Aries woman in the Aries-Taurus relationship

An Aries woman needs her independence and you can’t take that away from her if you don’t want to lose her. The Aries woman was not made to do household chores. She needs challenges and is happy to face them.

The Aries man in the Aries-Taurus relationship

The Aries man always thinks why talk for a long time when you can get there quickly. He needs and wants quick success and reveals feelings and needs surprisingly quickly and openly. For many, however, this is far too fast and so he has to take a lot of rejection.

The Taurus woman in the Aries-Taurus relationship

The Taurus woman liked to organize everything and everything has to be manageable for her. A good life is important to her and for this the man or partner should also actively contribute his part. To be happy, your partner has to show her full affection and care for her.

The Taurus man in the Aries-Taurus relationship

The Taurus man likes the domestic woman who has a sense of beautiful things. The home should be inviting and comfortable and for him the traditional division of roles between man and woman is very right. The Taurus man is a very affectionate and loyal partner and can be fully relied on.

Aries and Taurus love horoscope

Between these two worlds collide in love life. The Aries is always ready, but usually only gets a tired yawn from the Taurus. Passion is alien to Taurus and so there is not much variety in the love life. The Aries therefore also very often tends to get the fulfillment of his wishes outside of the partnership.


Aries and Taurus – fire and earth – seemingly incompatible concepts. Fire can burn to the ground, and the earth can put out any fire. Aries is active and chaotic, has a temperamental character and impatience. He is protected by the god of war – Mars. Taurus, on the other hand, is practical and judicious, makes decisions slowly and with concentration, is not deprived of sensitivity and calm disposition. He is under the auspices of the sensual Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. But despite such differences, they also have a lot in common. For example, both signs know how to set goals and achieve them, and perseverance is the main trait of the characteristics of both.

They are different and similar at the same time: what is a minus for one, is defined as a plus for the other. One and the same quality can manifest itself in completely different ways: Aries’ stubbornness sometimes looks like boarding or banging his head against a wall. While Taurus will act calmly and prudently. These two signs can successfully exist side by side if they complement each other with opposite qualities. Otherwise, such an alliance is not possible, since none of them wants to endure eternal confrontation.

Compatibility horoscope for Aries and Taurus

Compatibility of Aries and Taurus is possible with a great mutual desire of each of the parties. Representatives of the first sign of the zodiac love risk and are aggressive on the way to their goal, which is sickening to all representations of Taurus. He just wonders why he should be so diffused and emotional, if he can get what he wants, while remaining in a cold mind. At the same time, Aries is annoyed by the slowness and regularity of Taurus, taken for tediousness. In such a company, the fire sign begins to get bored and, as a result, loses interest in a partner. However, if Aries feels the support and care of Taurus, then it is quite possible that his opinion of him will change.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Aries and Taurus, their tandem is possible if the signs are able to distribute roles in relationships. Clearly spelled out rights and obligations, as well as their observance, will allow such a couple to reduce confrontation, reduce the number of conflict situations and improve mutual understanding. Otherwise, the fragmentation of views on the same things, the difference in interests and foundations of life will contribute to an increase in the gap between the signs and, in the end, their separation.

Aries and Taurus business compatibility

The compatibility of Aries and Taurus in work is highly appreciated, since their useful qualities together contribute to obtaining productive results. While the creative Aries, for whom there are no barriers, generates brilliant ideas one by one, the diligent Taurus painstakingly and meticulously brings them to life. The negative side of such a partnership can be the irritation of Aries due to the sluggishness of Taurus, and the objections of the second against the rash decisions of the fire sign. If they learn to accept each other’s personal characteristics, then a common cause can bring them enormous benefits in monetary terms. Mutual patience is the key to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Despite the different characters, the compatibility of Aries with Taurus in friendship is very likely. A calm and wise Taurus can become a good friend and advisor for Aries: where the fire sign is too emotional and, therefore, cannot make an adequate choice, making mistakes because of this, Taurus easily finds the right decision – a balanced and logical one. In such a relationship, Taurus is a lifesaver, for which Aries often forgets to thank him, taking help for granted. But if both are satisfied with this alignment, then this union can exist for a very long time.

Aries Taurus Love Compatibility

Aries and Taurus love compatibility

At first glance, a love union of fire and earth signs seems like an unlikely idea due to the difference in characters. However, the compatibility of Aries and Taurus in love can be at a high level: an expressive Aries can bring a lot of bright colors and impressions into the life of Taurus. And if they learn to negotiate, to make mutual concessions and compromises, then their tandem can last for a long time and. These two signs can successfully complement each other: Aries periodically shake the calm Taurus and give him emotions, and Taurus – pacify and cool the ardor of the raging Aries.

The tandem of these signs is inherently an unequal exchange, so the compatibility of Aries with Taurus in relationships from the outside looks very interesting. Interaction in union is reduced to the fact that the sign of fire finds trouble due to its short-sightedness, and the earth sign helps to solve them, thanks to rational thinking. Taurus likes to save, and Aries respects him for his help – such a specific relationship also has the right to exist, if their participants are satisfied with it. Over time, Aries may find that there is a reliable shoulder next to him and will reduce the level of their stubbornness and exactingness towards their partner.

Aries and Taurus sexual compatibility

The sexual relationship between these signs is quite harmonious. Passionate, relaxed Aries and malleable, sensitive Taurus are the perfect combination. Therefore, the compatibility of Aries and Taurus in bed is considered more than successful. Although there may be some dark moments here. For example, Venus’s wards value courtship, foreplay, tenderness and physical affection, while impulsive Aries does not need all this, he is used to acting immediately, so to speak, without formalities. But knowing how to negotiate, they can smooth this angle.

In bed, they are excellent teachers for each other. Thanks to their wild imagination and creativity, Aries can bring a lot of new and interesting things to Taurus’ sex life. Taurus, in turn, will teach the representative of the fire sign to feel himself and his body, hear the desires of a partner, focus on pleasure and deliver it to another. The sexual energy of both is at the highest level and therefore it will always be hot in their bedroom. Often their reconciliation after high-profile scandals happens in bed. The question of betrayal in their union lies entirely on the shoulders of Taurus: if, due to his stubbornness, he manipulates sex, avoiding engaging in it, this can push the passionate Aries in search of sexual adventures elsewhere.

Aries and Taurus family compatibility

The astrological forecast for the compatibility of Aries and Taurus in marriage is favorable. At first, they grind to each other for a long time: each stubbornly tries to satisfy his ambitions and leave the last word for himself. However, if the grinding is successful, the ardor of both will be tempered, then such an alliance will be quite successful. In such a family, Aries plays the role of instigator and provider of impressions, and Taurus takes care of the psychological comfort of the house. Close to ideal relationships will be in a couple, where the fire sign is a man, and the earth sign belongs to a woman. Otherwise, a dominant and domineering woman will not bring much happiness to the stronger sex, unless he is infantile.

The degree of compatibility of Aries and Taurus in family life depends on themselves: people who value each other and do not want to lose can step over many of their principles and accept their partner’s shortcomings. For example, those who prefer an active life in society, Aries love to live in the city, and calm Taurus would gladly settle somewhere outside the city. A compromise in this situation will be living in an apartment in winter and in a country house in summer. Everyone will remain with his own and the conflict is over. It is worth noting that in the family life of these signs there will be no financial problems, since Aries knows how to make money, and Taurus is rational to dispose of them. Their offspring are not threatened with dislike, because both signs know how to care and love.

Aries and Aries Compatibility

Aries and Aries Compatibility

If the two discover their mutual interest in each other, there will usually be a real spark between the two from the beginning. Here two very spontaneous and active people meet and this would also be noticeable in a partnership.

This relationship usually only has a chance if both learn to be patient with one another and show mutual consideration. If both partners manage to do this, it can turn into a relationship that will go very well.

The Aries and Aries relationship

At the beginning of the relationship, each of the two would fight for their supremacy in the relationship and try to enforce their ideas of a relationship. In such a relationship everything is there and the partnership between Aries and Aries brings violent arguments, but also stormy reconciliations.

Both react very impulsively and the separation is quickly announced. This separation is often followed by a new beginning together and everything starts all over again. The two love their independence too much and the motivation to be absolutely faithful to their partner is not very strong either.

The Aries woman in the Aries relationship

The Aries woman is a very open-minded and extremely emancipated woman. It is not for her to sit back and do nothing. She knows that nothing is given to you in life and is ready to do a lot for personal success. Anyone who sees her as the woman who takes care of the home and children is greatly mistaken here. She wants to be her wife out there in the world and seeks success there. An Aries woman is less likely to enter into a committed relationship. Although she shows a keen interest in the opposite sex, she wants to live her life first and gain experience before committing herself.

The Aries man in the Aries relationship

The Aries man shows and expresses his feelings and desires very openly and directly. If he likes a woman, he doesn’t let much time pass by to express his interest directly. A woman can very quickly see the effect she is leaving on an Aries man. He does not spend long with trivialities and wants to achieve success quickly and create clear relationships. But he doesn’t always have the desired success with this and with a little more romance he would achieve more.

Aries and Aries love horoscope

When these two collide, the blood rushes and there is a lot of fire under the roof. Neither of them let themselves be asked for long in matters of love and usually fall straight into the house with the door. The two attack each other as if there was no tomorrow and let off steam in wild passion. In this case, it doesn’t matter which of the two is in charge, because the love of pleasure is in the foreground here and the rest will show up later.


Aries is ruled by the element of fire, and therefore the representatives of this zodiac sign have endless energy, are in perpetual motion, forgetting about peace. Militant Mars, being the patron saint of the first sign of the zodiac, endows him with vitality, determination and the ability to pass through any obstacles. Combat readiness is in his blood, and there is practically no feeling of fear. He does not tend to retreat and avoid problems. Risk, audacity and uncommonness are the striking features of his nature. Honesty and the desire to be oneself are often perceived by others for tactlessness or rudeness, although Aries never possessed cruelty.

A meeting of two Aries can have different consequences: on the one hand, a couple who get along with each other can achieve anything, using the power of doubled strength, energy and a lively mind. On the other hand, if they fail to come to an agreement, then it will be a life-and-death battle for leadership. Astrologers believe that it depends on the date of birth of each of them. For example, if both are born in March, then they will hardly get along, or their coexistence will resemble military action. While the April representatives of the fire element are ideal in compatibility and will easily find common ground.

Compatibility horoscope for Aries and Aries

People of this sign have an explosive temperament: often they do first, and then think. Aries’ compatibility with Aries is quite successful, but only if both partners sincerely want to be together and are working on themselves and their relationships. The similarity of characters, worldview and interests creates a fertile ground for the development of a successful union. It is difficult for such people to meet each other for the reason that both do not stand still and always run somewhere. But if they do occur, then the law “like to like” comes into force from the first second.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Aries with Aries, the ideal couple will be the one where one of the partners has a lower level of claims compared to the other. They understand each other in the best way, interacting in the material sphere, as they love money very much. A mutual desire for comfort and a good life can contribute to the formation of a strong union. Common activities in the absence of competition have a beneficial effect on their relationship.

Aries and Aries business compatibility

Representatives of the first sign of the zodiac know how to make money, have superhuman efficiency and endurance, and hate laziness and profanity. Therefore, the compatibility of Aries and Aries in work can be very beneficial and give good results: a business union will bring mutual benefits. Their energy and creativity, directed in one direction, are able to move mountains, since they do not retreat where others give up. In the event that competition arises between Aries, the business partnership is likely to fall apart. Another pitfall of such an alliance is their lack of diplomacy and foresight, which is often the reason for the failure of a joint project.

Aries and Aries compatibility in friendship is ideal. The friendly relations between the representatives of this sign are based on the similarity of interests and views and only become stronger over the years. Aries are never bored with each other, openness, honesty and the absence of mutual obligations reduce the likelihood of conflict situations. Therefore, friendship between them is more positive than love relationships, and can last until the end of life. Opponents of gossip and omissions, they build their relationships on honesty and mutual trust. A possible reason for the termination of friendship may be the active desire of one of them to take a dominant position.

Aries Aries Love Compatibility

Aries and Aries love compatibility

In a love relationship, representatives of this sign behave passionately and persistently. Aries compatibility with Aries in love is average. They quickly fall in love with each other, the romance develops very rapidly, but after a short time friction and misunderstandings begin. Both Aries are very demanding and emotional, and if one of them does not yield, then such a couple is doomed to part. Representatives of this sign are extremely freedom-loving and at the same time are owners. Such inconsistency of both partners often creates tension between them.

Aries’ compatibility with Aries in a relationship will be successful if a woman gives the man the right of primacy and decision-making. And all the same, loud quarrels will arise with enviable constancy between the born stubborn, followed by no less expressive reconciliation. Their relationship resembles a volcano in which passions boil: they quickly turn on and also quickly cool down, not holding anger at their partner. Maybe this is for the best, since energetic Aries would definitely not be able to live in a dull and dull idyll.

Aries and Aries sexual compatibility

Sexual life for Aries is not in the first place, as they always have more important things to do. And the point is not in mutual indifference, but in the fact that in conditions of high social activity there is practically no time for sex. However, this does not mean that they do not have intimacy, and does not at all prevent them from being good lovers for each other. The ability to feel a partner and satisfy his needs speaks of the high compatibility of Aries and Aries in bed. The passion and openness of their natures provides them with an interesting and versatile intimate life.

The similarity of temperaments makes this side of life almost ideal. Difficulties can arise if one of the partners begins to pull the blanket over himself, which, in principle, happens with representatives of other zodiac signs. An Aries man needs praise from his partner and recognition of his masculine abilities. And if a woman shows wisdom in this matter and accepts submission as an element of the game, she will be fully rewarded in a sexual equivalent. Stubborn people can also compromise by negotiating alternate leadership in bed.

Aries and Aries family compatibility

In family life, Aries value honesty and openness, which allows them to voice mutual claims and jointly seek their solution. Resourcefulness and forgiving are beneficial for relationships. The birth of offspring and further care for them are additional factors for closer cohesion of wayward spouses. Despite the good compatibility of Aries with Aries in marriage, they only dream of peace and tranquility in a relationship. Mismatching plans or views on raising children will turn into noisy scandals. By the way, close relatives are clearly not happy with their union, because they often witness friction between them. And at the same time they are envied: the passions burning between them are sometimes brighter than in the most exciting series about love.

The good news is that over time, people get to know each other better, mutual respect is born, they learn to seek compromise solutions, and the opposition of claims diminishes. Everything has its pros and cons. And if we consider their marriage through this prism, the compatibility of Aries with Aries in family life is more positive than negative. Even explosive characters and violent outbursts of emotions play a positive role, preventing partners from dying of boredom and monotonous life. Relationships always develop through conflict, and representatives of the fire element know this better than anyone else.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Pisces

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Pisces

A person with the Sun in Pisces and an Ascendant in Pisces treats others with a constant readiness to help. They are often even too good-natured, and therefore defenseless if danger threatens. They save themselves from difficult situations with a naive smile; they retreat when they encounter something too loud, not artistic, too superficial.

They radiate gullibility, although they can rarely express their faith in words. They are always too sentimental, celebrate small memorable dates as holidays, they are surrounded by candlelight, music is constantly playing in their circle; everyday life remains outside the door. they quickly realize that the struggle in life is not their business; they show themselves to be more helpless than they really are, they pretend – and this they can amazingly do.

Pisces with an ascendant in Pisces show themselves to be miserable beggars or martyrs, and there are always people who want to earn a clear conscience with their help … They love romance, the sober world is too stiff for them, too gray and oppressive; they want peace and quiet.

They live very secluded and do not stand out. It is often discovered what wonderful works of art they created, how valuable people they were when they were gone. They bring something mysterious to the environment that tends to create fear. They are too otherworldly, they dream of a paradise from which people have been exiled for so long. But they know how to dream! Like no one else!

A person born under this combination of signs is an incorrigible romantic. This is a kind, gentle, artistic and impressionable nature. There is something of a child in you, and it both captivates and makes you vulnerable. Friends consider it their duty to take care of you, as they are convinced that you are promiscuous in dating. Their fears are not unfounded. The material and financial aspects of life remain a sealed secret for you, but you like this state of affairs. You tend to be generous and always willing to share with others. You are happy if you have the opportunity to develop freely and learn when you want and what you want.

You are distinguished by an emphasized secrecy, since this may be the only way for you to keep something only for yourself. Your biggest flaw is indecision, and you hate making commitments out of fear that you might need to change your mind. However, your merits far outweigh your demerits, and while others may lose their temper trying to force you to face reality, they only need to look once into those tearful Pisces eyes to soften.

You usually have many brothers and sisters, and your relatives take good care of you. Your parents aren’t helping you enough, and you may be distancing yourself from your father in some way. The family property can be divided. Your mother will probably marry twice.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Pisces

You seek out the vilest spheres of life and indulge in as many vices as you can enjoy in your probably short life. You can be an avid gambler, drunkard, drug addict, masochist, or cheater. If someone tells you that some of these activities will help you do better, you will certainly try to see if this is so. You are completely devoid of ambition and rarely bother yourself to make even a little money.

All you want is to have enough money to pay for your vices. Your emotional and sexual life is of paramount importance to you, but when the situation is not in your favor, you look for an excuse to avoid collision with reality and forget yourself in drunkenness or drugs. Even a superman couldn’t handle the stress you put on your body and would eventually break down, so now is the time to seek help.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Pisces

If it was your will, you would maintain friendly relations with all your former lovers for the rest of your life. The number of dates should be completely satisfactory and leave room for cancellation if you feel like that. Finally, you will temporarily forget about your ideas of love and get married. You are naturally prone to polygamy, and with this inclination, you can expect certain problems in your marriage. Your spouse may also have some kind of problem (health or otherwise), and your spouse’s relatives may stubbornly interfere in your life and ruin your relationship. You will divorce your first spouse and then decide to remarry. From a financial point of view, you can benefit greatly from this side of life. You will have many children, they will be happy in life. Many travels await them, and life will be full of changes. For you, love, sex and marriage are just one big adventure.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Pisces

You are probably very talented and therefore can be quite selective. Some of the areas you can excel in are art, film, ballet, sea and minerals. You have an active creative nature and are always on the lookout for new ideas, so you can make a great writer. You are expansive, you have a wide range of interests, many of which you can successfully pursue. Wealth will come to you as a result of your own efforts, through travel, and the kindness of friends. A person born under this combination of signs is capable of achieving fame and wealth.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Pisces

You are unlikely to have the same vitality as those who were born under other combinations of signs, so vitamins, exercise, sun and good nutrition can help you a lot. Self-indulgence can undermine your health, and you should deliberately moderate this tendency. The vulnerable areas are the feet, ankles, and kidneys. You are prone to eye disease and injury. You should also handle sharp or hot objects with care. A sensible lifestyle can greatly increase your chances of living to a ripe old age.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Aquarius

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Aquarius

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Aquarius is the surrounding almost always internally excited. They like and attract interest, have significant foreboding abilities. They are deeper and wider than average, previously they were suspected of witchcraft; they do have a penchant for the supersensible.

Pisces with an ascendant in Aquarius are often telepathically gifted, or may remember something from a past life. They would like to take their dreams as a presentiment of the future. If they paint their dreams, they get a very modern painting. Their soul and perceptions react instantly. Many are afraid of them, because they can start to tell something about the past person with one look in the eyes – it scares.

Others are magically attracted to it; they want to hear about other worlds. The soul here is the most fertile field, the treasury of primordial experience. The instinct is very good and together with intuition amazes amazing statements constantly the content of the true core. Those who do not have this gift, or have not developed it (perhaps because of an insufficient level), they fatally indulge in life’s pleasures.

They can completely lose themselves and see their goal only in living at their own discretion and desire. If they can spend one hour a day enjoying their vermouth, they don’t care about the rest. Others can only laugh, because they know nothing about the happiness of complete licentiousness; they are arrogant in their squalor.

You are a very caring and deeply emotional person, but also surprisingly mercantile, which does not match the impression you make on others. You seem disorganized and completely detached from worldly concerns, but this is a false impression. You are curious, very collected and you know your worth. On a professional level, you expect your talents and merit to be appreciated.

However, this does not stop you from worrying about other people and offering your help whenever you see fit. You make a wonderful friend. Although you are quite quick-tempered, but quick-witted, unforgiving and usually friendly and helpful. Your will is unbending and it is difficult to force you to change your mind. You are cheerful, cheerful and extremely sociable person.

A person born under this combination of signs usually has several brothers or sisters, but the relationship between them is rather strained. Your father may have something to do with farming, speculation, or raising livestock. You will probably distance yourself from him in one way or another. It is quite possible that he will go abroad.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Aquarius

You have a wonderful charm behind which hides a rather slippery type. You are mostly busy increasing your bank account without being too picky about the means to achieve this. This can lead you to trouble, although you are unlikely to be aware of this, since you have rather vague ideas about what is right and what is not. This behavior can end up driving you to jail. Relatives are very worried about you. They are usually busy trying to either keep you on the path of virtue or squeeze at least a little money out of you for the essentials. But you prefer to save money even if there is almost no food in the house. Revaluation of values ​​may be belated.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Aquarius

You believe that marriage should be based on a spirit of camaraderie, communication and understanding. But secretly you are convinced that your precious freedom is too expensive to sacrifice. But in the end, you still decide to part with her, although this will happen later than most people. If you tie yourself in marriage, your affection for your spouse is consistent, and you will retain passionate love for him until old age. Your spouse is likely to be artistic and from a good family. Your marriage will be long and very happy. There will be few children, probably the birth of twins. There will be some problems associated with children. The firstborn may turn out to be a sickly child who needs special care and attention. You will travel a lot for family business.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Aquarius

Although you may be attracted to art, you can also find a good source of income in any of the professions related to money, such as banking, finance, insurance, securities, etc. You are an avid collector with a trained eye, so that you may be attracted to collecting books or antiques. You may be interested in research activities, secret methods of experimental science, work in the military or government structures, or investigating crimes. Everything that you achieve in life will be the result of your talents, although achieving financial success will be accompanied by great difficulties and it will never be sustainable. Whichever career you choose, you will have to travel a lot.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Aquarius

Long-term stress will affect your health in the most adverse way. Illness sneaks up on you when you least expect it. You may experience circulatory problems, eczema, muscle cramps, stomach ailments and neuralgia. But, fortunately, your body responds very quickly to the beneficial effects of sunlight and sports, so try to make walking and exercise become a habit.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Capricorn seems to those around him somewhat convulsive. They really are, because they never really know how to behave. If they are convinced of faith or caught up in an idea, then they strive towards their goal with real tenacity, and this saves them.

If they are unstable in life, then they cling to the leader, who turns out to be a false leader, a seducer. Pisces with an ascendant in Capricorn strive to overcome innate inertia, they try to be conscientious as much as possible – but this is beyond their strength! In their difficulties they can only trust instinct – but this is precisely what they dare not.

They constantly meet people who judge them and also condemn them. They willingly put up with this in order to find at least some support in this. They endure humiliation, even endangerment, so as not to be alone. People around you do not notice this inner change too much, but they feel tension. They feel that they are in the hands of the Lord, sometimes betrayed by the devil. Their fantasy can be so excited that they are yesterday’s ghosts.

Failure with false friends completely robs them of confidence; paradoxically, this ties them even more to false friends. Their instinct is being held back. They can find salvation in the discipline of artwork or in the meditation of matters of faith. They are not lucky; but they have the ability to outgrow themselves, and then extend their influence to others.

This combination of signs makes a person outwardly harsh, which helps him in the profession, as well as in critical situations. You are very determined and capable of great success. Although at first glance it seems that you do not have the tendency to hesitation and indecision inherent in Pisces, this is not so. You are prone to anxiety and doubt where it comes to the most trivial issues. You are sociable and do your best to be a gentle and caring friend. You worry when your friends are sick or in trouble, and you are always ready to lend a helping hand. You have a strong character and are very hardy. In the presence of strangers, you behave with restraint, but among those you know well, you can be relaxed and very talkative.

You are prudent and, having determined the course of action, follow it unswervingly. You can endure the harshest conditions and adversity and do not stop at obstacles. This will definitely lead to success. As far as your family is concerned, your father’s influence is unfavorable and causes problems, especially in everything related to marriage. In your youth, you are not distinguished by good health, but with age you become stronger and you will live to old age without problems.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

Worried about one reason or another, you spend your nights awake. When you finally find a solution, you quickly jump to another problem that you think needs to be taken care of, and you are a pro. It’s no surprise that you find life extremely difficult. The number of your appearances can be counted on one hand, you are almost never invited anywhere, since with your coldness you discourage people from communicating with you. You are an inveterate pessimist. You deliberately wait for life to hit you again, and are rarely disappointed. You refuse to understand that it is your negative thinking that makes you fail. Get rid of these moods and learn to relax, otherwise you will never be able to enjoy life.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

People instinctively feel that you are a responsible person and can be relied on, and if you tie the knot, then make every effort to make your chosen one happy. Therefore, you need a partner who stands firmly on the ground with both feet, and does not hang in the clouds. It looks like you will either be against marriage in general, or completely committed to it, getting married early and repeatedly. In any case, love relationships are fraught with unexpected, fatal changes. Your partners can be a hindrance to one of your most ambitious aspirations. If you marry more than once, then one of the spouses will bring you a significant fortune. You will have several children, and you will have high hopes for them. This attitude will not do them any good and may make it difficult for you to communicate with them.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

You could have a good career in areas such as media, communications, transportation, buying and selling, or in a business related to any of these areas. You are unusually determined and can put great effort in striving to achieve your desired goal. You will get rich thanks to your talent, the help of friends and the support of relatives. Speculative trades can also replenish your wallet from time to time. Your spouse pretty much fuels your ambitions. Success is likely to come to you at the end of your life.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Capricorn

Although you are a desperate debater, you must learn to relax sometimes. Forget your responsibilities from time to time and you will be assured of a long life and good health. You are susceptible to ailments such as colds, constipation, rheumatism (especially of the knees and hands) and stomach ailments due to nerves. Depressive states negatively affect your well-being, urgently get rid of your hypochondria.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Sagittarius

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Sagittarius

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Sagittarius seems more confident than he is. However, these are people with great opportunities. This is a subtle, soulful, artistic character, as if captured by light magic. The prosperity that is possible here seems completely mysterious. Here you can find understanding and help, but also a few sectarian monks, from whom no one takes their faith.

Pisces with an ascendant in Sagittarius are easily inspired, they strive for ideal goals and professions, they want to achieve something special. They think about others, although they themselves are obsessed with the need for tenderness, tenderness for everyone, for themselves and for others.

They willingly join strong characters, but in the end they remain with their own image. In extreme cases, they can be left alone, live a bachelor life, if only they have friends and girlfriends with them. If we are no longer talking about goals and connections, they can indulge in drunkenness, enjoy the ordinary, eat deliciously, bloom outwardly.

But they always want to start all over again, because they believe in the future, even if it is the future in the next world. It is tragic that when they sum up, they must admit to themselves that in their youth they set too high goals, and over time everything became more modest. This makes them disheartened, especially because as long as their parents live, they are rightfully favorites.

While you are actively seeking adventure and travel opportunities, you are also strongly attached to home and reluctant to leave for long periods. Hopefully, your parents encouraged you to look for friends outside the family circle, otherwise the freedom-loving side of your character would not receive its development, and this could lead to the fact that you would always feel unhappy and could would even get sick. When you stay at home with your family, you shouldn’t be guilty. You are completely devoid of selfishness, and you should stop making your desires dependent on the desires of other people. You need to learn to insist on your own sometimes. You are a kind-hearted, friendly and well-mannered person, but you really have to force yourself to be a bigger person.

You are an optimist, which means that you are popular and enjoy hanging out with many friends. You love to entertain them, especially if you can do it at home. Your life was not particularly happy when you were young, perhaps because you had to break up with your father or because of a change in your parents’ relationship. There is also some mystery associated with them: your father or your spouse’s father could have caused some restrictions in your life that were unbearable for you. Remember that the pursuit of freedom is an integral part of your personality, and freedom is a thing worth fighting for.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Sagittarius

You are a pitiful sight when you go out of your way to please others. This is partly due to a lack of self-confidence, but also because you hate taking responsibility. You willingly follow other people, because you are afraid that suddenly you will have to lead them. This attitude extends to both professional and personal life. When it comes to communication, you are chained to your home and in awe of fear at the thought of having to talk to strangers. You are a boring couch potato, afraid of your own shadow. Fortunately, you rarely manage to hurt other people, you just annoy them. You are causing irreparable harm to yourself. Look inside yourself and find that spirit of freedom, which is struggling to survive deep inside you.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Sagittarius

While you are young, you see marriage as a trap, preferring variety and not limiting yourself to the daily contemplation of the same face. It is not easy for you to settle down on one thing, and you will get married many times. One of these alliances will have a huge impact on your position in life. Ill-wishers will try to ruin your family life, and you will spend a lot of time fighting them. You will have few children and not much affection between you. It is very likely that you will break up with one of your children. Subsequently, the children may accuse you of not caring for them. In all likelihood, there is some truth in this accusation.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Sagittarius

You have an active and clear mind. You are very quick-witted, learn quickly and are always ready to accept new ideas. You can have an excellent career in areas such as trade, media, transportation, communications, or in a business related to any of these areas. In your youth you will have many problems, but luck will certainly come to you. You will have two activities and many acquaintances among people of importance in society who will take part in your affairs, and their help will always be welcome. Your career will be long and rewarding.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Sagittarius

You are a very active person and you are involved in at least one sport that keeps you fit. However, there are areas you need to watch out for – the throat, ears, and bronchi. As you get older, you may suffer from sciatica, varicose veins, and swollen legs. In general, you are in good health, and you may well expect to live to a ripe old age.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

A man with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Scorpio floats fearlessly in the waters of the environment. However, they are full of tension, hiss and boiling. Their internal development is constant ups and downs, with a bitter, cadaverous smell to heaven. In essence, they are torn from their selflessness, but often act sarcastically.

Pisces with an ascendant in Scorpio are easily vulnerable, and they cling to anyone who approaches. They find salvation and help in some sect, not religious, but occult, magical or similar, where there is something in which one can forget oneself. They defend this sect or society with suicidal courage.

In general, suicidal tendencies are easily crystallized in them. Children early become full of love for the beauty of life. If they feel misunderstood, they cease to see the meaning in life – the end is better. It can be a prolonged half-oblivion in reality, or they retire to the desert, in the hope that they will be looked for there.

If not, then they’d rather die of thirst in the painfully scorching sun than return. They take Fata Morgana for reality. They can also find relief and help in art and music, or if they want to take part in some business that will survive them. Seeming carelessness for them is rather a saving straw than a real predisposition.

You are an unusually amorous and passionate person, but, fortunately, picky in acquaintances, and this helps to maintain your best qualities. You are sensitive and artistic, this is expressed in your love for music, painting and art. But don’t fancy that sedentary activities are good for you. You are very attracted to sports, especially sports that require water, and this can even provide you with a source of income.

Your priorities in life are art, love, children, social life and animals, and you give them a lot of energy and attention. By nature, you are a fighter, you have a strong warlike spirit, you tend to get into arguments and get into conflicts that do not always end well for you. You are prone to extremes in everything and are passionate about both work and pleasure. You have a strong will and you fight to the end.

You cannot be indifferent to anything, and your passion is so great that sometimes it even interferes with others. You will have several siblings, but you may well be an only child. Your father may be unlucky, but there is always a warm friendship between you. You are very attached to him.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

Eat, drink, love, have fun – this is your credo. You indulge in sensual pleasures whenever the opportunity presents itself. At the same time, you are not tormented by any remorse, as a result, you forget all ideas about morality, especially in relation to sex. You take what you want, and when you have enough, the poor loser can go all four. Most likely, you will turn into a bitter drunkard, since the ability to self-restraint is not your forte. You can be very rude, because you can not stand it when they interfere with the fulfillment of your desires. You never forget those who dared to disobey you and can endlessly wait for the right moment to take revenge. You are a real nightmare, as your ability to harm others exceeds even your ability to harm yourself.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

Deep down, you believe that marriage is a necessary evil, although your partners themselves often come to the conclusion that they are in a situation that should have been avoided by any means. The reason lies in your tendency to tie your partners hand and foot, as if you are afraid that someone might steal them. You are jealous and treat your spouse as the owner of your property and do not seem to understand that the more you press on him, the more likely you will lose your loved one. You will lose your first spouse and will marry more than once. This combination of signs gives many children, sometimes twins. Your children will get married early, and this will lead to some troubles. You start falling in love at an early age and do not stop until old age. Therefore, there will be many secret love relationships in your life.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

You are very ambitious, and no matter which road you choose in life, you will follow it with purposefulness and relentlessly strive for success. You can be successful in the arts, in sports, speculative deals, or in work involving children or animals. You crave success and you will surely achieve it. You are also endowed with leadership talent. In your youth, your financial situation will not be very stable, but in the middle years prosperity will come to you. You can gain material benefits through travel, in-laws, legal affairs, and marriage. You will have multiple sources of income and possibly two completely different activities. After a series of difficulties, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Scorpio

You tend to work with full dedication and indulge in pleasure as well. At some point, your energy may be depleted, and you will realize that it is time to rest. The vulnerable organ is the gallbladder. You are also prone to poisoning, fever, and injury from careless handling of hot or sharp objects. Your right hand is also vulnerable. Usually you are the cause of your illnesses.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

People with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Libra have a kind of attractive power that simultaneously attracts and repels. It is not safe to deal with them. Their essence is captivating, they allow themselves an ease that one can only dream of, but which is impossible in the real world.

They are usually alluring, but to get to the bottom of this attraction, you need to sacrifice yourself. Here you can find a lot – feeling and reason, dedication and a tendency to sectarianism. And there is always something mysterious about them; they give the impression of being overly educated and undeveloped at the same time.

Pisces with an ascendant in Libra speaks a lot about the desire for harmony, which for them also consists in forgetting about everything. They start over all the time, and others must do it together with them, while they speak logically and act paradoxically. They can act fruitfully but also destructively; it’s not easy to be at their level.

They may well lead a respectable burgher astray. The soul plays here, of course, a big role, everything must be traced to the depth, which means there are no boundaries for transfusion. Here magical power can reign, spiritually embellished. The appeal of this character is monstrous; whether they correspond to the promised, only the one who has completely surrendered to them can say – but little can remain of him.

A person born under this combination of signs treats others with tenderness and care. Usually, nothing stops you from expressing your feelings directly and frankly. You are compassionate, honest, and happy to help people. But they should be clear about their needs, as one of your biggest drawbacks is your tendency to avoid making decisions whenever possible. The artistic side of your nature strongly requires positive expression.

You are refined and accommodating and very sensitive to your surroundings. Your home should be comfortable, well-furnished and filled with artwork that suits your taste. You love entertainment, but not at the expense of other people. Your energy is unstable, so you cannot say that you are going through life with consistent success. You can work all day long and then suddenly become completely lethargic and lethargic. This is reflected in both professional and personal life.

Usually you have many brothers or sisters, or there are many after you marry someone from a large family. Quarrels are not uncommon among relatives, and the case may even go to court. Your father is a source of frustration or trouble for you. He could lose his high post. In any case, he is the cause of the hindrances and limitations in your life.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

This is most likely the most indecisive combination of signs in the Zodiac, and not only in those cases where it comes to important problems, but also in small things, for example, the habit of drinking tea or coffee at an afternoon tea. At first, this behavior may seem eccentric or even funny, but then it becomes terribly annoying. In addition, you are cowardly and do not even know how to stand up for yourself, let alone your loved ones, no matter how much you hurt them. Your tendency to indulge your whims in food will inevitably lead to the fact that the adorable dimples on your cheeks will drown in folds of fat.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

You believe in eternal love and can sacrifice yourself for the romantic ideal. There is a deep belief in you that, having fallen in love, you can feel like a whole person, and until you find your other half, you cannot consider that you are living a full life. Your married life will be fraught with problems, and you will probably get a divorce. You will probably be a well-to-do person. You may receive an inheritance unexpectedly. Most likely, you will have several children and they will be happy in life. Unfortunately for you, they will be a better support for you in old age than your spouse.

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

You could make a good career in healthcare, hygiene or services. You are undoubtedly attracted to art, as you have an inventive mind and you can prove yourself as a decorator. You may also be interested in maritime affairs and anything related to liquids, you can become a wine merchant, chemist, surgeon or sailor. Success will come to you at the end of your life, and your work will involve talking to people, frequent changes of place of residence and many long trips. Beware of the instability that is haunting you, and try to postpone something for a rainy day.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Libra

Unfortunately, you have a sweet tooth and it’s important to remember what you eat to live, not the other way around. Any kind of conflict can negatively affect your health, and the main reason for this is your indecision. Life is really the way you make it: your main problem is that you cannot decide what you want out of life. The organs that need constant attention are the kidneys, liver, feet and intestines. Exercise and diet in moderation can guarantee a long life.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Virgo

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Virgo

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Virgo finds stability in those around him, which he himself will not have enough. They cling to real possibilities, they cling to anything that can be taken for a given. They also find support in orderly life.

Necessary duties are performed for the sake of others rather than out of one’s own need. They trust in themselves, as much as possible, to others, so as not to be lost. In doing so, they develop a strong sense of everyday prescription and adapt to any environment. They are delighted with the luxury, but can sleep in a bunk in the common room while traveling.

Pisces with an ascendant in Virgo adapt not to dissolve. They are courageous, but they do not have any principles, often they do not even have their own pride – they cannot afford such a luxury. They use all the opportunities presented, their connections are unstable, everything is ruled by the moment.

They do not show this, what is really happening in them, they try to appear viable. The practical prevails; the spiritual is spoken of, but not elaborated. So this character is really viable, although they constantly change their core of life, which is a pity, because the superficial orientation towards existing surroundings that often occurs in their artistic interests is greatly hampered.

Your appearance as a conscientious, responsible and practical person often repels strangers from you. Your loved ones understand that you are actually much softer than you seem. Undoubtedly, you are prone to criticism, but at the same time try to be as honest as possible and be useful with your comments and suggestions. The coldness that you radiate is just a shell behind which you hope to hide your sensitivity. You become a great friend and loving spouse, but you can get tough with other people.

Minor problems leave you in a state of panic, but in the face of real difficulties, you remain steadfast and cool. It follows with obvious clarity that you need to avoid pettiness, otherwise it can ruin your otherwise excellent character. You are humble, gracious, and eloquent in company, although people see you as a person who is difficult to fully recognize. They do not understand that before you show your true self, you want to make sure that you are loved and trusted.

Your life began hard. The father could have married twice or have an illegal relationship without the family. Neighbors usually don’t treat you well. There is really no real affection between you and your family members.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Virgo

You are a constant headache for others, restless, restless and inconsistent in thoughts and actions, a hypochondriac. Relatives try to understand you and always find excuses for your behavior. You find secret satisfaction in hiding your true colors and not showing your best qualities. You are selfish and only care about your own needs and well-being. You are unable to overcome obstacles and courageously experience disappointments and prefer to pretend to be sick, leaving friends or relatives to sort out troubles.

You are a worthless parent, mainly because you yourself are still a child. But there will come a moment (probably by the age of forty) when the need to stand up becomes urgent. Fate itself can intervene, and you will grow up overnight when someone close to you falls ill, or death befalls someone, or when you face some serious problem. In order for you to change, tragedy must occur, but then it will be too late to change.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Virgo

More than anything else, you dislike being fooled and tied hand and foot in marriage or love relationships. Therefore, trust in marriage is vital to you. You are a loving, loyal and devoted partner, and therefore you believe that in marriage, spouses should at least enjoy mutual trust. It is not surprising that disappointments await you in love. Perhaps you will get married twice or you will have a love affair in secret from your spouse. Your married life is undoubtedly full of difficulties and there may be some secret or problem with your spouse. Your first child may be in poor health and will need particularly careful care. You will have several children who will be difficult to raise and will not marry early. There is a danger that you will feel someone’s constant hatred,

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Virgo

You can achieve great success in professional partnerships as a manager, lawyer, agent, or in a medical-related profession. You are attracted to life in nature, maybe you are interested in gardening, horticulture or farming.

You will be a relatively wealthy person and will achieve prosperity through hard work. When you are young, you may lose everything you gained, but the years that follow will be more successful. Despite a series of difficulties, you will reach a good position, although you will likely change professions many times and travel frequently.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Virgo

Your physical condition is largely determined by your mental attitude. If you can overcome your anxiety tendencies, your health problems should go away. You need to learn to distance yourself from the situation; try yoga, it could do you a lot of benefits. Areas that need special care are the intestines and blood. You are also prone to eczema and allergies and may be caused by wheat.

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Leo

Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Leo

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Leo can cover up his inner weakness with a good external game; their sensitive and therefore vulnerable nature is thus protected. However, in the case of too strong collisions, they, with all their charm, react cruelly, leaving the role.

Pisces with an ascendant in Leo constantly repeat that they are confident in their firmness, but this is not so, they only want to look, so they should not be burdened. Being gentle and idealistic, they do not want to devote too much time to fighting. They dream a lot without admitting it. They lead a kind of double life: one for themselves, when they wander alone or ride a horse, the other in everyday life, full of strength, self-control, where they even hold on somewhat imperiously.

However, the energy runs out too quickly, so that they again need inner peace. In a stressful situation, a coveted bottle can help them. At the same time, their ambition is great; they feel that they have to wage a daily brutal struggle against their own weakness; it is not easy for them, which makes them hide in inner pride.

Here, the ascendant protects them from appearing too vague, which leads to the development of some selfishness, although there can be no question of selfishness as such. They radiate a mysterious charm that is hard to resist. People willingly spend time with them.

This is a wonderful combination of signs that gives warmth and sincerity to your feelings. You empathize with the suffering of others and have a talent for taking practical action. You are also kind-hearted, adventurous, and energetic, albeit a little gullible, vulnerable and overly impressionable.

You are accused of loving money, and although there is some truth in this, you are undoubtedly talented in everything related to getting it. But it almost looks as if you couldn’t wait to get rid of them, as money is slipping between your fingers at an alarming rate. It doesn’t bother you though.

Money for you is only a means to please yourself, because few people know how to indulge in fun with such enthusiasm as you do. Honestly, you don’t hesitate to spend money to help or please others. You are quick-tempered, but easy-going and rarely bother yourself with revenge. Your father has a great influence on your position in life. He can be a source of constant trouble for you.

The Dark Side of Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Leo

You are an incorrigible, but talented moth. You could be a millionaire or a salesman, but you never have cash with you and you are always in debt. In addition to spending on entertainment, you may well be spending money on gambling, since you are also an avid gambler. You get the impression that you despise things and you can’t wait to get rid of them. You stay completely calm when the electricity goes out, and when the bailiff knocks on your door, it just amuses you. All this is good if you only have to take care of yourself, but if you have loved ones, then you make them experience unnecessary suffering. It is only when the atmosphere in the house is heated that you try to do something, but, as a rule, it is too late and disaster is inevitable.

Love and Family for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Leo

When you finally understand what love is, marriage can be a happy connection of minds and hearts for you. But when you get married on an impulse, simply because you are single and looking for physical rather than spiritual satisfaction, it can be a mistake. You need to be ripe for marriage and define exactly what you want from it. You will probably get married twice and have children from both spouses. The older child will have some problems and need special care. You can also have twins, especially if your spouse is Aquarius. As your children grow up, they will have disagreements, but don’t you feel like they always did not get along with each other?

Career and Money for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Leo

You could do well in big business, banking, or entertainment. You will achieve success thanks to your talents, although you also have a wide range of useful contacts. You are attracted to the fine arts and civil service, and you also have a flair for good poetry. Everything that you do, you try to do well, hack is not for you. Regardless of what you do, you will have to travel a lot. You can succeed by trading in consumer goods such as groceries and clothing.

Health for Sun in Pisces Ascendant in Leo

Your natural impatience and positive attitude will not allow illness to interfere with your life for a long time. You simply do not pay attention to the disease, which is why you rarely get sick. But you also have vulnerabilities that require attention – these are the heart, back and circulatory system. You are also prone to rheumatism. Being in the sun more often and getting more rest will ensure that you remain in good health for life.